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Phil Emery Is A Man "On" A Mission....

Emery, No Smiles, All Business
When newly hired GM Phil Emery stepped to the podium to address the media, He was all business, and very little teeth.  Emery’s demeanor indicated to us all that he was not just a man with a mission (as mandated by ownership), but a determine man “On-A-Mission” period. Emery has paid his dues in this... Read more »

Lesson Learned; Bears Will Not "Franchise" Tag Anyone

Friday’s Tribune article gave me the continued assurance that Jerry will take a different approach to our upcoming free-agent players (see article).  In fact, Brad Briggs article also indicated that the Bears will most likely re-sign those free agents that were on the starting line-up such as: Olin Kreutz, Anthony Adams, Daniel Manning, Pisa Tinoisamoa,... Read more »

Jerry Continues His "Aggressive" Search For "Blue-Chip" Players

Today’s “Bleacher Report” disclosed yet another gem, announcing the Bears plans to sign Texas Punter Richmond McGee (see article). In my entry yesterday, I mentioned that we were in need of a punter (on my wish list).  Well it’s seems that Jerry agrees.  Perhaps Jerry realizes now that we saw how Lovie responded to the... Read more »