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Phil Emery Is A Man "On" A Mission....

Emery, No Smiles, All Business
When newly hired GM Phil Emery stepped to the podium to address the media, He was all business, and very little teeth. ¬†Emery’s demeanor indicated to us all that he was not just a man with a mission (as mandated by ownership), but a determine man “On-A-Mission” period. Emery has paid his dues in this... Read more »

Lesson Learned; Bears Will Not "Franchise" Tag Anyone

Friday’s Tribune article gave me the continued assurance that Jerry will take a different approach to our upcoming free-agent players (see article).  In fact, Brad Briggs article also indicated that the Bears will most likely re-sign those free agents that were on the starting line-up such as: Olin Kreutz, Anthony Adams, Daniel Manning, Pisa Tinoisamoa,... Read more »

Jerry Continues His "Aggressive" Search For "Blue-Chip" Players

Today’s “Bleacher Report” disclosed yet another gem, announcing the Bears plans to sign Texas Punter Richmond McGee (see article). In my entry yesterday, I mentioned that we were in need of a punter (on my wish list).  Well it’s seems that Jerry agrees.  Perhaps Jerry realizes now that we saw how Lovie responded to the... Read more »