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Donovan McNabb: A Potential HOF Career, Now Reduced To Rubble…

McNabb Experienced Despair In DC.
To some Chicago readers this article may be considered far off the beaten path, however it needs to be recognized that Donovan MaNabb is a native of the great city windy city.  In fact, McNabb’s mom and other family members were in attendance at soldiers field during the Minnesota game, only to exit the stadium... Read more »

Notably; Taylor and Clark Cut, Sanzenbacher Stays

Dane Sanzenbacher, A Dynamic 3rd WR
With the final cuts all but completed, the Bears retained undrafted free agent WR Dane Sabzenbacher alone with 5 other URFAs.  As expected, both Chester Taylor and Desmond Clark were cut.  Taylor’s fate was pretty much sealed when Marion Barber put in two back-to-back strong performances during the pre-season.  Kahlil Bell also showed some flashes... Read more »

Should The Bears Look To Score Big In The Free-Agent Market Again?

Looking back on the how Jerry Angelo aggressively jumped into the free-agent pool last year, I could not help but wonder if he would make another trip to the well (with a “big” dip) again. Last year we signed DE Julius Peppers, RB Chester Taylor, and TE Brandon Manumaleuna.  The best of the three was... Read more »

Cutler For McNabb, Let The Debate Begin....

Granted Bear Fans, this trade most like will never happen, but it doesn’t hurt to “dream”… With all the controversy surrounding Jay Cutler’s early exit from the NFC title game, I am all but worn-down by the “constant” references to whether or not Cutler has the “guts” to be a leader etc.  many of the... Read more »

They Have Drank The "Grossman" Kool-Aide" In DC...

This fiasco coming out of DC will be written about here a bit more. Especially after we complete our thorough “Investigation” of yet another “Shanahan Circus”. Now I’ve been reading articles and watching videos of DC sports-writers from the Washington Post and other Media outlets that Rex Grossman may even be named the starter for... Read more »

Time For Cutler to Deliver The Goods...

David Haugh writes a great article in The Tribune that states it’s time for Cutler to show a sense urgency or else he will most likely get shipped out with Jerry, Lovie, and the rest of the crew. Ironically, Cutler was asked in one of this week’s press conferences about Shanahan’s 2 minute offense.  Yes,... Read more »