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A Small Step In The Right Direction

As everyone reviewed this years schedule, it was a far-gone conclusion that the Bears would beat the Minnesota Vikings today. In fact, everyone also knew that the purple men’s early season promise would quickly turn to disappointment.  The only bright spot that remains is the continued improvement of RB Adrian Peterson who has shown an amazing... Read more »

O-Line Caves-In, But The Real Player-Makers Come Through....

In this game there was no doubt what-so-ever that nothing has changed regarding our offensive line.  In fact, Cutler got better blocking with help from TE’s and RB’s on blitz plays.  When Carolina rushed 4 down linemen (which they did most of the game) our 5 guys could not stop them which resulting in 6... Read more »

Bears Defense Comes Up Big In Monday Night Blowout

As we have seen many times before, the Bears seem to show up in big games against good teams. This time it was on the road against Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football. This game was significant from the standpoint of where the Dallas Cowboys stand statistically in the season at... Read more »

Cutler Sums It Up Accurately, Bears Coming Together As A Team

As the Kitties from the motor city continue to fall apart, the Bears continue to come together as a solid football team.  This was stated by Jay Cutler in the his post-game interviews, and was also a reflection on the scuffle that broke-out between DJ Moore and Matt Stafford. Even though I have been among... Read more »

Bear Fans Come Out In Force, and Help Propel Bears Over The Vikes....

Bear Fans Shaking The Lake!!!
If there was a game where the Chicago Faithful showed “who they are, and what they stand for”, it was last Sunday nights game against the Minnesota Vikings.  The fans in Soldiers Field that night were undoubtedly the 12th man on the field from the very beginning of the game. This is what Chicago is all... Read more »

Forte, and Hester Propel Bears Past The Panthers

Matt Forte’s 205 yards, along with Devin Hester’s 69 yard punt (for 6), and 73 yard return certainly made the difference in this game.  On the other hand, the Bears offense and Jay Cutler had little to do with with putting this game in the win column.  In fact, this year is starting to look... Read more »

Are The Bears Really That Good? Damn Right They Are!

All day long I heard the football talking-heads express their “stunned” reaction to the Bears lops-sided victory over last year’s number seed in the NFC the Atlanta Falcons.  All of the other blow-outs (Bills over the Chiefs, Ravens over the Steelers, and the Eagles Pounding of the Rams) were deemed as just another game.  The... Read more »

Real "Player-Maker" Is What The Bears Still Need....

Though last nights game (as most agree) was meaningless, the Bears showed that they still are in need a sure “Play-Maker”.   The Bears continued struggles in the red-zone was not the only proof, but Roy Williams drop in the first quarter was enough to prove the point I made a while back.  Yes, the... Read more »

Devin Hester Named Among Several NFL Players In UM Scandal

Earlier this week, convicted felon Nevin Shapiro blew the whistle on University Of Miami players, coaches, and school administrators in regards to the acceptance of money and gifts he furnished for nearly a decade.  I only have this reaction to Shapiro; “misery loves company”. Shapiro is serving a 20 year prison sentence for a “ponzie-scheme”... Read more »

Free Agent Free-For-All....

With the lock-out coming to it’s end (thank the football gods), the buzz that we hear on a daily basis is how this year’s free agent moratorium will look more like the Kentucky Derby.  So what does this mean for the Bears? Plenty… Contrary to what the Bears front office or Jay Cutler himself may think,... Read more »