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When Was The Last Time We Saw Such An Offense...

Yes, I had to ask that loaded question.  Because the answer is 1986 (the after the Bears won SB XX).  In the 1986 opener, Chicago bum-rushed the Cleveland Browns in a 41-31 victory.  In the 1985 opener, the Bears put up 38 points in a come-from-behind win over the TB Bucs.  In both seasons, the... Read more »

Carimi Pick A Step In The "Right" Direction

To cut right to the chase, if I was to grade the Bears performance in the 2011 draft, I would give them a solid “B” even a B+.  The only blemish or “blunder” (if you may) would be the mishandling of the deal with Baltimore which ultimately cost us our 4th round pick.  However the... Read more »