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Cutler Breaks Silence, Ready To "Take-It" To The Cheese-Heads...

Cutler & Rodgers In Post-Game Sun Times writer Sean Jensen hit yet another “home-rum” of an article with his exclusive interview with our QB Jay Cutler (see article). The article was “extremely” revealing from my standpoint, and gave us a very “sharp” look into what’s been going on in the life JC for the last... Read more »

Cutler vs. Rodgers, Whose The Better QB???

Though it may be a bit “pre-mature”, we began this debate on the show (The Chicago Bear Talk Forum – On Blog Talk Radio) during the last Monday’s show on 1/10.  It’s a very good debate, and one that should be explored since the “God-Forsaken-Cheeseheads” are still in the playoff hunt. I broke it down... Read more »