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Poor, Poor, Poor......

Bears Fans Are Feeling Very Deflated Right Now
Those are the only three words I can think of when it comes to the current state of the Chicago Bears.  Poor execution (by the players), poor coaching by Lovie and his staff, and poor team management which falls directly on the “slim” shoulders of both Jerry Angelo, and his side-kick Tim Ruskell.  I include Ruskell... Read more »

No Excuses For Hanie....

How do you go from being hailed as a national treasure after a strong “spirited” effort in a championship game, to an anxiety filled, and confident deficient QB who throws 6 pics and a QB rating of less than 50% in two games (reminiscent to the poor play of ex-Bear QB Rex Grossman).  To many... Read more »

Bears Can Win With Hanie At The Helm

In the aftermath of Jay Cutler’s injury (which came near the end of the Bears triumph over the Chargers), many talking heads have been saying that the loss of JC is a “big-blow”.  This may be true on one side, but on the flip side of that same coin is the prospect of 2nd string... Read more »

Hanie's Duck, and Lady Luck Propel Titans Over The Bears

In the first half the Bears started off hot and jumped out to a 10-0 lead over the Titans.  Just before the half ended, Tennessee put together an 80 yard drive which ended with a 9 yard TD run by RB Jamie Harper who slipped passed a weak tackle attempt by Safety Major Wright. Thus,... Read more »

Hanie Storms Off Practice Field After Monday's Session.

When Calab Hanie made his quick exit off the practice field Monday, it didn’t take long for the media to start shouting “Controversy!” (see Vaughn McClure’s Tribune article). Rookie QB Nathan Enderle took reps with the second unit during Monday’s practice, but much to the dismay of Hanie.   Here’s where I come down on... Read more »

Hanie, Barber, Knox, and Okoye Shine In Pre-Season Opener

What I read on paper, did not accurately characterize what I saw on the field of play in this pre-season opening game.  Calab Hanie drove the Bears offense into the endzone for their lone TD of the game which gave us a 7-3 lead at the half.  The Bears defense looked extremely impressive and protected... Read more »

Bears Busy, But Still In Need Of A "Sure-Thing" Talented Player

Just when some of us were about to resort to our usual pounding of Jerry Angelo and the Bears front office, the transaction continue to come in fast and furious.  The bears resigned Caleb Hanie, Corey Graham, Nick Roach, and nailed down 1st rounder Gabe Carimi.  On the other hand, they left Olin Kruetz twist... Read more »

Bears Making "Unpresidented" Moves By Retaining "Key" Personnel

In today’s Chicago Tribune, “Big” Brad Briggs wrote yet another “compelling” article which disclosed the latest activity in the Bears Front Office (see article). Offensive Line coach Mike Tice was bared from talking to the Tennessee Titans about a position as Offensive Coordinator.  Tice was then given a new deal which locks him up through... Read more »

If Jerry Let's Hanie Get Away, Then He Is Asleep At The Wheel...

Today the Bear Report’s (Bleacher Report), released an article which disclosed the possibility of Caleb Hanie going elsewhere should he get the opportunity to compete for a starting job. Hell, after what he did in a big game with very little work, and making a 16 year veteran look like a “scrub” (which Collins is... Read more »

It Came Down To A Big Play On Defense, But For The Wrong Team...

Well Bear Fans, the “unthinkable” did happen at Soldiers Field today, but both team left it on the field.  Aaron Rodgers didn’t run-away with the game as most expected. In fact, Urlacher almost hung a pic-6 on Rodgers late in the 1st half.  If Urlacher had a bit more energy, he would stiff-armed Rodgers on... Read more »