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"D" Comes Up Big In 2nd Road Win!

3 QB sacks, and 3 takeaways equal another sweet victory for the Bears in NJ last night.  Ryan Mundy’s game opening pic 6 got things off to a great start.  Thereafter the defense bent, but refuse to break.  Each time the Jets got into the red-zone, the defense hunkered down by either giving up just... Read more »

Bears "Must" Make Changes On Defense....

From what we have “seen” of this defense this year, it’s been relatively easy to conclude that this is the worst defense in Chicago Bears history.  Statically, this defense is dead last in defending the run and next to last in points allowed (along side Minnesota, and Washington).  Here’s the ugly truth, this is the... Read more »

Who We Thought They Were......

The debacle in Green Bay, the laugher at Lambeau, however you want to characterize it comes down to people being who we thought they were.  Those people are; J’Marcus Webb, Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers, and/or the Bears coaching staff. Now to put things into proper perspective, I don’t totally agree with some of the chatter... Read more »

When Was The Last Time We Saw Such An Offense...

Yes, I had to ask that loaded question.  Because the answer is 1986 (the after the Bears won SB XX).  In the 1986 opener, Chicago bum-rushed the Cleveland Browns in a 41-31 victory.  In the 1985 opener, the Bears put up 38 points in a come-from-behind win over the TB Bucs.  In both seasons, the... Read more »

Bears and Pack Meet This Sunday, But The Finger Pointing Has Already Begun...

I can only wish the that finger-pointing this week was trash-talk among players and fans, but this is not the case.  From PTI to all the papers, much has been said about the Bears weak offensive line and how Jerry Angelo did not address this need adequately. For starters, I not ready to put all... Read more »

Are The Bears Really That Good? Damn Right They Are!

All day long I heard the football talking-heads express their “stunned” reaction to the Bears lops-sided victory over last year’s number seed in the NFC the Atlanta Falcons.  All of the other blow-outs (Bills over the Chiefs, Ravens over the Steelers, and the Eagles Pounding of the Rams) were deemed as just another game.  The... Read more »

NFC North At A Glance

Bears "D" Will Be The Key
I heard some “predicts” on the season from some ESPN dudes, so I decided to give my take.  Usually we’ve been pretty accurate here on the blog, and on our show “The Chicago Bears Talk Forum”.  So here’s the way we see it: Packers 11-5                    ... Read more »

Cutler For McNabb, Let The Debate Begin....

Granted Bear Fans, this trade most like will never happen, but it doesn’t hurt to “dream”… With all the controversy surrounding Jay Cutler’s early exit from the NFC title game, I am all but worn-down by the “constant” references to whether or not Cutler has the “guts” to be a leader etc.  many of the... Read more »

Cutler's Injury Still A "Hot-Topic"

It’s Thursday January 27th, 4 days after the Bears loss to the Packers in the NFC Championship game, and Cutler’s injury (in Sunday’s game) continues to be a trending topic.  Why is this is? Is it because the Cutler haters just won’t let it go? Or is it Jay himself… Just today, The Tribune released... Read more »

Bottom-Line, Cutler Still Has Much To Prove.....

In the wake of the “fire-storm” surrounding Jay Cutler and his early exit from the game, we still maintain our focus on what really matters after all’s been said and done. Does Jay Cutler have what it takes to lead the Bears to a Super Bowl Championship??? I don’t question Jay’s injury, or his heart... Read more »