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It Came Down To A Big Play On Defense, But For The Wrong Team...

Well Bear Fans, the “unthinkable” did happen at Soldiers Field today, but both team left it on the field.  Aaron Rodgers didn’t run-away with the game as most expected. In fact, Urlacher almost hung a pic-6 on Rodgers late in the 1st half.  If Urlacher had a bit more energy, he would stiff-armed Rodgers on... Read more »

More Facts To Consider...

We took a look at the successes and failures of the “principle” coaches/player involved in tomorrows game (Dom Capers, Rod Marinelli, Mike Martz, and Jay Cutler).  What we discovered was compelling to say the least, but promising as well. GB D-Coordinator Capers has had success against Chicago in only 1 game as head coach of... Read more »

Ditka Firm On His Pick In Favor Of Bears, Remembers The Depth Of This Rivalry

Dan Pompei wrote yet another “great” article in the tribune, “affirming” coach Ditka’s choice in favor of the Bears this Sunday (see article).  The article also recounts some of the “low-blow” tactics that the Cheese-Heads utilized during the years when Ditka was coach.  It was even mentioned how Ditka and ex-Packer head coach Forest Gregg... Read more »