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Seattle's Upset Victory Sets Up Potential "Revenge" Game In Chicago!

So I was wrong (still making me right 98.9% of the time).  The Seahawks did the unthinkable and beat the Saints 41-36 in the Wild-Card Playoff Game today.  Now what this could mean is a scenario where the Seahawks will travel to Soldier Field to meet the Bears in the Divisional Playoffs next week. Bears... Read more »

This A "No-Brain'r": Lovie Gets The Extension, Jerry Packs...

With the regular completed, and an appearance in the post-season (with a chance to make-it to the “big-dance”) It’s a far gone conclusion that Lovie will be staying in Chicago.  On the other hand, I still “thoroughly” believe that Jerry Angelo has over-stayed his welcome and needs-to-go. During Monday Night’s show, we discussed this very... Read more »