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Do We Have Another Angelo Disaster Waiting To Happen???

The fury behind some of the “Bears-Brass” moves is beginning to get dangerously close to the boiling point.  Roy “Cheapo” Williams dropped 16 yard pass on Monday night seemed to set off a chain reaction of daggers being thrown from beat writers, but mostly in the direction of the front office.  Tribune writer Dan McNeil’s... Read more »

Haugh Rips Martz, Asks About NFC Title Game Play-Calling

Tribune writer Dave Haugh put Martz on the hot-seat in his article this morning, and rightfully so (see article). Just when I was looking (or wishfully thinking) for some bright-spot in Martz offensive masterplan, we see him behind the release of TE Greg Olsen (which was risky, but “could” have some benefit), then we we... Read more »

Cheese-Heads Deserve Some Credit

No folks, I haven’t lost my mind, I just believe in giving credit where it’s due.  Even though I will (always) hate the Packers for life, you must admit that despite every possible obstacle known to man, the Pack won their 3rd SB championship last season.  What sticks-out in my mind the most is the fact... Read more »

Jerry Taking "Ownership", Committed To A Better Team...

Saturdays Tribune article by Vaughn McClure, gave me an even more encouraged feeling that things are going to change at Halas Hall.  That’s what being so close to the prize can and should do for those who are serious about obtaining it.  Then there are those who just move-on, and forget about it.  Well Bear... Read more »

Jay Cutler Will Be Great! With Time......

Some of you may already be saying “what do you mean dude?” he’s great now”, and I agree. Surprised! To cut to the chase, what I’m saying is that Cutler is a QB with great skills and physical agility. Cutler’s greatness will become more and more apparent when he gets more “time-in-the-pocket”. Living in Tennessee... Read more »