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Chicago Bears Extra Airs Tonight On A New Station

DJ Moore Celebrates His Interception (1 of 4 Pics For The Bears D)
Tonight Bill and Gary rundown the Bears vs Bucs game in London during this inaugural episode on The Community Listing Network at 8pm est (7pm cst). Tonight’s show will also include the following topics: Is it Jay’s Team Now? Should The Bears Pursue T.O? Can The Bears Catch The Sliding Lions? The Truth About Martz… Does Coaching Make a... Read more »

Forte, and Hester Propel Bears Past The Panthers

Matt Forte’s 205 yards, along with Devin Hester’s 69 yard punt (for 6), and 73 yard return certainly made the difference in this game.  On the other hand, the Bears offense and Jay Cutler had little to do with with putting this game in the win column.  In fact, this year is starting to look... Read more »

Bears Leave No Doubt, Rip The Dirty Birds In Season Opener

Fans & Players Pay Tribute
Last year at this time, the Bears opened the season with a win over the Detroit Lions that to many say was given to them by the refs. From that point on, all of the NFL talking heads never took the Bears seriously as a top contender, even when they made it to the NFC... Read more »

"Stud" vs. "Spud"

I know this is old-news, but I wanted to save my 2 cents once ChicagoNow launched on WP. Dhani Jones needs to keep doing his “stinkage” commercials, and keep his mouth shut when it comes to yapping about other players. His comments about our “stud” MLB Brian Urlacher were not only stupid, they were mis-informed... Read more »