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Now There Are Two...

Jason Licht - NE Pats
The Bears have narrowed their GM search down to 2 finalists:  Phil Emery & Jason Licht Tonight, join Bill and I (for another session of “Chicago Bears Extra”) as we discuss this “Hot-Topic” and  breakdown season 2011, and the prospects for a better year in 2012. The Overall Show Agenda Will Be As Follows: Whose... Read more »

Bears OC Job May Be Open Again, Jim Caldwell Need Apply.....

Tice Now Wears The Big Phones
Not longer ago during one of our shows “Chicago Bears Extra”, we mentioned Jim Caldwell as a potential successor to the now retired Mike Martz.  Well, the Raiders have shown interest in newly promoted OC Mike Tice, and Caldwell is looking for work. Earlier this week, Caldwell was relieved of his head coaching duties in... Read more »


We start with the search for the Bears QB coach which could prove to be interesting.  The main thing that I was encouraged to hear was that new OC Mike Tice was looking to establish an offense that leans toward the running game, but yet have the full capacity to make big plays. This was... Read more »

Poor, Poor, Poor......

Bears Fans Are Feeling Very Deflated Right Now
Those are the only three words I can think of when it comes to the current state of the Chicago Bears.  Poor execution (by the players), poor coaching by Lovie and his staff, and poor team management which falls directly on the “slim” shoulders of both Jerry Angelo, and his side-kick Tim Ruskell.  I include Ruskell... Read more »

No Excuses For Hanie....

How do you go from being hailed as a national treasure after a strong “spirited” effort in a championship game, to an anxiety filled, and confident deficient QB who throws 6 pics and a QB rating of less than 50% in two games (reminiscent to the poor play of ex-Bear QB Rex Grossman).  To many... Read more »

Bears Can Win With Hanie At The Helm

In the aftermath of Jay Cutler’s injury (which came near the end of the Bears triumph over the Chargers), many talking heads have been saying that the loss of JC is a “big-blow”.  This may be true on one side, but on the flip side of that same coin is the prospect of 2nd string... Read more »

Rex Grossman Still Sucks....

With a 300 plus yard passing game, and a victory over an ever increasingly dysfunctional NY Giants team in week one, Redskin QB (ex-Bear) Rex Grossman has become the latest media-darling.  In the season opener, Grossman was 21-34 for 305 yards, 2 TDPs, no pics and a QB rating of 110.5.   However, Grossman was far from... Read more »

Hanie Storms Off Practice Field After Monday's Session.

When Calab Hanie made his quick exit off the practice field Monday, it didn’t take long for the media to start shouting “Controversy!” (see Vaughn McClure’s Tribune article). Rookie QB Nathan Enderle took reps with the second unit during Monday’s practice, but much to the dismay of Hanie.   Here’s where I come down on... Read more »

Bear Football Kicks Off Tonight!

The first pre-season games thus far have showed a few flashes here and there from the teams to watch for (PHIL, NO, NE, etc.).   Most of the scoring came during the latter portions of the games played by 2nd and 3rd string units.  Four teams in particular got my attention, and they were: the... Read more »