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Pay Matt Forte!!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read Steve Rosenbloom’s Tribune article which praised Jerry Angelo for not paying RB Matt Forte (see article). Every one we talk, including current and former NFL players, all unanimously agree that Matt should get paid.  Forte accounts for at least 60% of the Bears offensive production.  Without Forte,... Read more »

Bears and Pack Meet This Sunday, But The Finger Pointing Has Already Begun...

I can only wish the that finger-pointing this week was trash-talk among players and fans, but this is not the case.  From PTI to all the papers, much has been said about the Bears weak offensive line and how Jerry Angelo did not address this need adequately. For starters, I not ready to put all... Read more »

Do We Have Another Angelo Disaster Waiting To Happen???

The fury behind some of the “Bears-Brass” moves is beginning to get dangerously close to the boiling point.  Roy “Cheapo” Williams dropped 16 yard pass on Monday night seemed to set off a chain reaction of daggers being thrown from beat writers, but mostly in the direction of the front office.  Tribune writer Dan McNeil’s... Read more »

Bears Busy, But Still In Need Of A "Sure-Thing" Talented Player

Just when some of us were about to resort to our usual pounding of Jerry Angelo and the Bears front office, the transaction continue to come in fast and furious.  The bears resigned Caleb Hanie, Corey Graham, Nick Roach, and nailed down 1st rounder Gabe Carimi.  On the other hand, they left Olin Kruetz twist... Read more »

Free Agent Free-For-All....

With the lock-out coming to it’s end (thank the football gods), the buzz that we hear on a daily basis is how this year’s free agent moratorium will look more like the Kentucky Derby.  So what does this mean for the Bears? Plenty… Contrary to what the Bears front office or Jay Cutler himself may think,... Read more »

Jerry Taking "Ownership", Committed To A Better Team...

Saturdays Tribune article by Vaughn McClure, gave me an even more encouraged feeling that things are going to change at Halas Hall.  That’s what being so close to the prize can and should do for those who are serious about obtaining it.  Then there are those who just move-on, and forget about it.  Well Bear... Read more »