Phil Emery Must Go!!!

Phil Emery This is a huge stretch from the last article written here where I praised the defense for it's efforts in a win against a weak Jets team just before things started to go down the toilet.  So take the words in that article for what their worth, and move on from there.

Truthfully, a lot of us flirted with buying into this team when they came together in San Francisco and beat the 49ers in their new stadium.  Truth-be-told, as things turned out, all 5 wins this season came against WEAK non-playoff contending teams.  The combined records of the Jets, Niners, Falcons, Bucks, and Vikings is a walloping 24-51.

So why MUST Phil Emery get fired come Monday???

Is it because he hired Marc Tresman and passed on Bruce Arians who for 2 years straight has posted a winning record?

Is it because he signed Jay Cuter to a massive contract extension which included $54 million in guaranteed money?

Or is it because Emery's first big #1 draft pick Shea McClellen has turn out to be less than stellar?

The answer is, NO!!!

The main "reasons" why Phil Emery must be shown the door is because he's responsible for this entire mess we see before our eyes today.  The sprinkling of a few nice draft picks and free agents doesn't get you a do-over in this scenario Phil.  Especially when it was you who not only chose Tresman, but put together his entire coaching staff.

Yes, you heard me right! Phil Emery put this ENTIRE dog-and-pony show together from the head coach on down.  "Emery" hired a defensive coordinator (Mel Tucker) whose previous team (the Jacksonville Jaguars) had just come off a 2-14 season.  Hey, I thought we wanted to win championships...

"Emery" hired Aaron Kromer as offensive coordinator.  The same guy who not only never called his own plays, but committed the unpardonable sin of leaking info about his QB to the press, then crying about it later.

Emery & Tresman

"Emery" hired the special teams coach who couldn't even get his guys to execute a fake punt correctly, and used regular offensive lineman which gave the whole play away.  Oh and don't let me forget, we only had 10 men of the field and got penalized.

The ingredients put together by this "first-time" GM, has manifested into a dysfunctional mess of historical proportions.  No, Emery should not BY ALL MEANS be given a chance to do the same thing all over again.

Besides, what coach worth his salt would want to work for him?  Rod Marinelli and other hold-overs from Lovie's crew where smart enough to get out of dodge and land in a better situation (especially Marinelli who completely turned the Dallas Cowboy's defense around this year).

Also, the fact that Emery was hell-bent on putting together the coaching staff instead of allowing the HC to do so (which is the proper way for a team to be assembled) is why things broke down with Arians.

Not only has Phil Emery shown us that he's a complete novas at this, but he's also made some of the most "bizarre" analysis an statements I've ever heard.

Ted PhillipsAs far as team president Ted Phillips is concerned, he should be re-assigned to do what he does best, handle contracts and tend to other business with the team outside the scope of football.  Phillips is not a football guy at all.  A football man is what we need here to right the ship.

We need a GM who is not learning on the job! That RED-FLAG should have been seen when Emery when about putting the coaching staff instead of the head coach.  This is why we saw a HC in Tresman who'd totally lost control of his team.  He never was in control from day one.

George McCasky

The only consolation for me here is that after the bears opening day loss to the Bills at home, I predicted that we'd go either 3-13 or 5-11. The latter should hold true after today's game.  A game with Jay Cutler (who'll be good could for at least 2 turnovers) back at QB.

The ball is on your side of the court George McCasky.  Are you man enough to serve?


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