A New Day Has Come!!!

Now that George has done what needed to be done today, I can now fully express myself regarding how George McCasky (in my personal opinion) has distinguished himself as the man-in-charge of the Chicago Bears.

George & Ted

I had no doubt that George would see things in the way that many of us do as fans.  George is a man that TRULY bleeds navy-blue and orange.  George McCasky is also a huge fan of ALL Chicago sports from the Bulls, Cubs, Sox, to Blackhawks.

George In The Clubhouse

I have also observed George to be very sports literate, and he is truly passionate about the Chicago Bears, the organization, its people within the organization, and its fans.
I also feel that George McCasky embodies everything that made his Grand Father (Papa George Halas) so special.

When I saw, and heard of George’s passion about the success of the Chicago Bears, I got the very same gut feeling from him that I felt many years ago when I read the passionate letter Mike Ditka wrote to Pappa Halas regarding his yearning to be the Head Coach of the Chicago Bears.

Ditka was the most passionate HC (next to Halas) that I’d seen as a Bear fan.  Once Iron Mike got the job, the rest was history.

I also firmly believe that George McCasky will take this organization where we need go.  I believe (as Ditka promised when he was HC), that within 5 years we’ll be in the dance.

George In Gear 2

During Monday’s press conference, George also was very “explicit” in reference to the feelings of his mother, and owner of the Bears Virginia McCasky.  George openly stated that his mom is “pissed-off”, and that she is “fed up with mediocrity”.

George & Mom

Monday’s press conference held by George and team president Ted Phillips went as good as it could of possibly went, and the points that both men touch on where extremely in alignment with what any TRUE Bear fan would want.

George and Ted expressed how they look to restore the respectability, and reverence around the league that the Chicago Bear once held.  Phillips surprisingly reached back to the days when in every game (win or lose) teams that played against us, “went through hell”.  Those words almost took me out of my seat.

The move to bring in Ernie Accorsi as a consultant was a great move, and should payoff dividends as this process moves forward.

George and Ted also re-iterated their commitment to winning championships, and that the “entire” body of work by Emery and Trestman gave proof that we would never get there under their leadership. “It was not just one game that spurred the decision” according to both men.

Ernie Accorsi

What was also pointed out, was the fact that if you want to at least have a chance to get to the playoffs, you must be successful in your division.  The Bears were 1-5 against the NFC North this year, and only 1 game better in 2013 under Trestman.

George In Bears GearThe poor home record of 2-6 was touched on as well.  So in short, all of the matters and issues above were all up for grabs and covered very well.

I also got the feeling that even though Ted was very involved in Monday’s press conference, George was very much in control and will be closely involved with all decisions going forward.

This time around the Bears brass is moving carefully, intelligently, and expeditiously.  This is the new era under the leadership of George McCasky, and I’m fully comfortable with that….

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