Why Lovie Was Fired, And Why Tresman Was Hired. Now We Know.....

LOVIE IN TAMPAIt's strange how timing seems to be uncanny in a sense when it comes to knowing why things happen.  Ironically, in the last games played by the Bears and Bucs, we saw all we needed to see to answer the questions everyone seemed to asked two years ago; Why Tresman instead of Lovie???

You can come up with every accuse you can muster for why the Bucs got their butts beat like they stole something last night by the Falcons.  The fact of the matter is that the whole nation witnessed the same ill-prepared, offensively anemic, and lack of intensity on the field that cost Lovie Smith his job in Chicago.



Haven't we heard these words before: "I thought I had our team ready to play"....  Yes! Chicago Bears fans have heard it to many times to the point that it doesn't sound anymore like an excuse, but a simply state of mind.  A mind that is far behind the curve of the rest of the NFL, and it's demands when it comes to winning.

It was me who said that Josh McCown exiting Chicago and going to Tampa Bay was a big mistake that he would come to regret.


Josh and Lovie

It was me who cautioned Bucs fans to not "rush" to excitement just because you have a coach much better than the one bum he replaced.  Lovie Smith may have solved a few problems in TB, but like in Chicago, He's created new ones....

The Bucs offense is ranked 32nd in rushing, and 21st in passing.  Overall their offense is ranked 30th in the league.  SOUND FAMILIAR!

The Bucs defense is playing the old and antiquated cover 2 (which covers no one) which is a Lovie's special.  The defense suffers because it's on the field way to long (Atlanta's 3rd down efficiency was 59% last night).

Meanwhile in Chicago, Marc Tresman's Bears played a game in San Francisco much of what we hoped and dream of.  A Bears teams with an improved offensive line, and more effective weapons at the skill positions.  The defense still has a way to go, but conversely, this unit shutdown the Niners in the 2nd half of last Sunday's game allowing us to outscore then 21-3.

This is what we wanted to see from this new regime, a defense that will bend, but not break, make big plays when it counts, and an offense that can light-it-up at any given time in the game.  Now putting things in perspective, it's only one game, but it was a game against a team that we haven't beat on the road in 29 years.  The 49ers currently are a team which any one would tell you is a championship caliber team.

Jay and Josh

In the final analysis, it's really hard to determine what will happen from now till the end of the season.  However I will say this, if the Bears are to be successful for remainder of the season, everything hinges on "everybody" doing-their-job.  This what we say last Sunday in San Fran.  Being a champion requires being consistent week-after-week.

On the other hand, some of our players that have been less-than consistent over the years. This includes Jay Cutler as well.

For the Tampa Bay Bucs, I wish you God-Speed.  The savior coach you hired looks in every sense like the dud we let loose 2 years ago.  You can also be assured of more troubles at the QB position in the years to come should Smith last that long....


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  • Here's my take. Lovie stunk. He shouuld have been dumped at least twoseasons earlier, but, because thonly criterion foe the cKaskey's is $., and Virginia was not about to pay foer Lovie to stAy home. THe reasion the Bears stink, is exactly the same THey went for the cheapest replacement they could find and got exactly what they paid for. a bush league amateur that doesn't understand the NFL. It is a waste of resouces tosquander them on skill positions., when the game is won or lost at the line of scrimmage.
    THese are the guys that should get the big money. Virginia wasn't going to pay for Peppers who is an all pro for the hated Packers now.and we reek. This franchise is worth $2billion, but one would think it were the Raiders. Squeezing blood out of a nickel is not how to compete.

  • You know what your right, but this i will say we were in just about every game when Lovie was our coach , I cant remember anytime
    while Lovie was our Coach we gave the points we have given up in the last 2 years even back to back our special teams were ranked in the top
    5 along with our defense yes at times it was lowfull watching Lovies lack of offense but we were still in every game


  • Trestman and his coaching staff is the worst in the NFL period everygame we play we are at a disadvantage why cause our coaching staff sucks. The offense coach came from the saints what happened did he came to the bears and get stupid get someone in there who knows what this team is about, who we are, what what makes the bears tick this coaching staff and the front office they have have no idea

    frank deleo
    bronx ny

  • I've been clear about the penny pinching of this organization, but George has been a tad lloser than Mikeb or Virginias. The bottom line isd that the team has been an embarrassment this season, and th fans deserve better. THe TYrestman hire was about finfding the cheapest available aspirant, and Trestman has proved that he is worthit. Emery is a complete failure and everey bear fan in Chicago and all across the country are mortified to see our great tradition dragged through the mire called Soldier Field. I for one have stopped making excuses for Jay Cutlers ongoing failure to prerform at a job he has been paid far too much for.
    I belive I can suggest a viable compromise here. Obvbiously there is nobody in ther organization who is exempt from resdponsibility.
    Emery has been a disaster. He must go, as must Trestman and all those young men that havere phoned it in all season. I knoeww it would be very expensive to stasrt iover, but there is no viable option. The franchisde is worth $2 billion , so a few million dioesn't dseem an unreasonable cost to ciorrevct this mess. I'm pretty sure the Jets woukld glefiully pick up the pile owed to Cutler in a trade. That would save over $50 million. We would have to replace a lot of the squad because it is very old ayt key positions. Harbaugh is going to be available it is almost certain. He is the perfect choice to lead the rebuilding of this franchise. A general manager is another matter. there will be at least two terrific QB'S in the draft. Winston has some baggage, so may be available when we pick. The Heisman guy will be the first selection. freeing up $52 million will allow some leverage. I say to George Mc Caskey C'MON MAN. step up.

  • Wouild Ditka be suckered by a fake, or send only 10 men on the field for a kick? This just not a professional coaching staff. with Peanut and Briggs on the bench this D couldn't get a girls team off the field.George did spend some bucks on the D line, but the offensive line is certainly offensive. I iterate football is won or lost at the line of scrimmage.

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