Bears vs Jets, Who Will Show Up???


My headline title can only be the best way to describe this game on national television tonight.  The Bears have fooled everybody with their opening day loss to a non-playoff team (the Bills), and overwhelming victory over a championship caliber team in the 49ers ON-THE-ROAD...



Proof of this schizophrenia is the 0-2 start that all of the Tribune writers have gotten off to.  From Brad Biggs to Dan Wiederer, all seven mainline reporters figured the Bears to beat Buffalo, and lose to San Francisco.  Neither came true..



So what about our opponent the New York Jets?  The Jets won a close game against one the league's lower tear teams the Oakland Raiders 19-14. In week 2, the Jets lost by 7 to our division nemesis the Green Bay Packers 31-24 in a game they should have won.  Yes, NY raced out to a 21-3 lead on the cheese-heads, but then completely collapsed in the 2nd and 3rd quarter.

JC 2


Gang Green scraped up 3 more points in the 3rd quarter to tie the game 24 all, but went scoreless in the 4th period with the winning TD being called back due to an ill-advised time-out that was called by OC Marty Morningwig.  So both teams go into this game with 1-1 records, and I'd love to use the usual phrases an analytically correct words, but I cannot even begin to predict what will happen tonight.

One thing I can say with some certainty, and is the fact that one of these coaches (namely the one on the losing end) may very well recite what Dennis Green did after a MNF loss "The ___ Are Who We Thought They Were.....".  Let's just hope that person is Rex Ryan when he sees his weak secondary be over-matched by our overwhelmingly talented pass receivers.

If that person should be our Marc Tresman, it will be due to our O-Line getting beat to crap by a front 7 that throws everything but the kitchen sink at you.  Or, a Bears loss may most likely be attributed to a weak run defense against the leagues top run offense.


These are the facts from a statistical perspective, but again we can't readily determine what the Bears will do.  Despite last week's big road win, it's just one game and ONE GAME ONLY.  In fact, this game will be more of a test for the defense than last week's game.  The defense will need to come up big tonight if the Bears are to have any chance of winning this game.

Mel Tucker and his staff MUST figure out a way to neutralize the Jet running attack like Green Bay was able to do.  Then we will need to force their offense into a come from behind scenario, then harass and pressure QB Geno Smith into making mistakes.  The Bears cannot win this game by simply running up scoreboard (which they can do easily).  However an offensive explosion is even more less in-doubt because we mostly likely will not be able run the ball successfully.

Yes, by all means this game is another moratorium on our defense, and how well Mel Tucker is preparing for each game.  One thing I can say (based on how well CB Kyle Fuller played at the position), our pass defense has looked a touch better when everybody follows their assignments without fail.  4 QB sacks, and 4 turnovers was the main stat that propelled the Bears to victory last week.

Chris Johnson


Position breakdown is as follows:  Offensive Line - Even, Running Back - Jets, WR - Bears,  Special Teams - Jets, DB - Bears, D-Line - Even, LB - Jets, QB - Bears = Anybody's game...




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  • Here's a little female dilemma drama ... my man signs us up for darts; we play on Monday nights; he needs to concentrate to carry us; darts being played tonight in a sports bar. Any guesses where he and I will land tonight?

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    If you're a Bear fan, your mind will NOT be on darts.....

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