Bears "Must" Make Changes On Defense....

From what we have “seen” of this defense this year, it’s been relatively easy to conclude that this is the worst defense in Chicago Bears history.  Statically, this defense is dead last in defending the run and next to last in points allowed (along side Minnesota, and Washington).

Mel Tucker 1

 Here’s the ugly truth, this is the worst defense in team history, much worse than the 1997’s defense which gave up 421 points in a single season under Dave Wannstedt.  With all games in, this defense has yielded 478 points, and make matters worse, it was Bears defense once again which could be trusted with an 8 point 4th quarter leads in Sunday's loss to Green Bay.  It was also fitting that Rodgers threw the winning TD pass on a "blown" coverage assignment by the safeties.  

If that isn’t reason enough for the Bears to make a change, here’s more proof.  This defense was soft long

 before the injuries to Melton, Paea, Tillman, and Briggs.  In the season opener, the Bears defense gave up long sustaining drives to the Cincinnati Bengles offense making the game much closer down the stretch. Had it not been for some late game heroics from our offense, that game would have been lost for sure.  The same can be said about game 2 where Minnesota seemed to be in the driver’s seat leading 30-24.  With literally seconds to play, Jay Cutler hit Ma

rtellus Bennett for the go-ahead TD.

 The Pittsburgh game in week 3 was the only comfortable win to speak of, and at that time we all 

drank the kool-aid and believed that we had a playoff caliber team.  Then the injuries began to pile up, and things went from bad-to-worse for our defense.  In all honesty, I think the defense got exposed for being what we all have suspected to be a weak defensive scheme by DC Mel Tucker.

 Last year, the Bears had a significant share of injuries to some of their key offensive players.  However, that was not enough of an excuse to save Lovie Smith from getting fired after posting a 10-6 record.  Well this year Tresman ends up with an 8-8 

Tucker and Tresman

record, and another blown playoff bid
.  If Lovie got canned for being held responsible for the lack of “offensive-excellence” (as GM Phil Emery put it), than why should any one responsible for the lack of “defensive-excellence” be given a pass (that clearly means Mel Tucker).

 This defense has looked progressively worse week-after-week, and history tells us that this weak unit has given up the most points in team history going all-the-way back to 1920.  So, I say again, why should Mel Tucker be given a pass?  If there is no accountability for this embarrassment of a defensive unit, then Phil Emery will be (in my eyes) nothing more than a hypocrite.

Defense has always been a major trademark in Chicago Bear history.  Yes, it’s nice to have a potent offense, but to win a championship in this league you must have a defense that can make stops when it counts.  For the most part, the Bears have a singular opportunity here to have a completely well balanced team by bringing in a DC with a better track record than Tucker’s sad history. 

 Should the Bears get a much better defense, then they have a chance to win-it-all.  However, change is not only needed in terms of the coaching staff, it’s also time to start looking at the players as well.

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