What We Can Take From Pre-Season Game 1

Generally the first preseason doesn't tell us anything regarding the kind of team we'll see during the regular season.  What we can take a look at "individual efforts on the field by those players fighting for a roster spot on the team.

There is however, one thing that we saw of which should give us concern even this early, and that is the fact the our offensive line still cannot protect the QB.  Granted, the least amount of sacks took place early in the game whereas both Jay Cutler and #2 QB Josh McCown only had been sack one time each.

O-Line still can't protect our QBs

O-Line still can't protect our QBs

However, I expected much better effort from those 2nd and 3rd stringers who are trying desperately to make the team.  After the smoke cleared, the scrubs played like scrubs and give up 5 sacks.  Nonetheless, 3rd string QB Matt Blanchard had the best numbers going 15-18 for 194 yards plus 1 pic, and the highest QB rating of all signal callers with an 88.4.

On the defensive side, rookie Jon Bostic had the play-of-the game with a 51 yard pic-6 that tied the game 7 all in the first period.  The offense did not do much, but that was expected for the first preseason game.  Only time tell just how Trestman's system will work.  That amount of time may go well into the regular season in same manner of time that it took for the 2002 TB Bucks to get handle on Jon Gruden's offensive scheme.

I say this because Gruden had our current head coach on His staff back  in Oakland as a QB coach in 2001 under OC Bill Callahan.  Trestman (like Callahan) has remained faithful to the Gruden system which includes a lot complex terminology, and an assortment of both horizontal and vertical passes.

Again however, the O-Line will need to get better for this passing attack to work smoothly.  With this in mine, don't expect J'Marcus Webb to make the team. Webb gave up both QB sacks from the right-hand side of the line in the first half.  The 3 turnovers in the game was nothing surprising.

The defense played better than I anticipated gathering 4 turnovers from the Panthers which mainly took place during the first half of play.  This defensive unit (with time to gel), may be among the league leaders this season.  However, we need to put more pressure on   opposing team

QBs.   If the O-Line gets to where it should be, the offense may be among the tops this year as well.


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