This One Was On The Coaches.....

This game against the Seahawks was a clear reflection of just what we've been talking about here lately at CBE regarding the weakness in our coaching staff.  The O-Line played well enough to win holding Seattle to only one sack (the same defensive that dropped Aaron Rodgers 8 times in one half of play).  The Defense buckled down in the 2nd half enabling the Bears to take a 14-10.

Jay Cutler protected the ball and made plays down the stretch, especially his 56 yard pass to Brandon Marshall which got us in range for a game tying field goal with seconds left in regulation.  The players really played their hearts out even to a fault, giving it all they had when they had no more to give.  However, we asked too much of our defense late in the game when we could not run out the clock to seal-the-deal. Then our defense went right back out on the field at the start of OT.

Critically (and to cut right to the chase), the Bears coaching staffed failed miserably in many aspects which is why this game was lost. Though I "somewhat" liked the 4th down gamble early the game, I did not like the play call.  Everybody knew that Michael Bush was going to run the ball.  Mike Tice's play calling down the stretch could have been better which would have enabled the offense to run out the clock and seal the game.  No, we gave Russell Wilson 3 plus minutes to put together an improbable long scoring drive late.

The defense was ill-prepared for this game, and Russell Wilson (this was by Julius Peppers own admission during his post-game interview).  In fact, Seattle's offense outplayed us the majority of the game going 8-15 on 3rd down conversions, out running and passing us, beating us in time-of-possession 35 to 33 minutes, and running more plays 71 to 59.

Yes, this game convinced me that we can only expect more of the same from this coaching staff from Lovie Smith on down.  We have been beat by this same team at home for the 2nd time in a row, and the last thing any of us wanted see was Pete Carroll doing his typical Jack-In-The-Box routine up and down the sidelines.   Lovie Smith once again had his usual "clue-less" look throughout the game.

This is not championship football, it's mediocrity, and it won't go any further than what we've seen over the past 8 years.  We will discuss this in even greater detail in our next edition of "Chicago Bears Extra".  The case now needs to be made, we need a new coaching staff that will not squander the kind of talent that our new GM is bringing in.



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  • I agree with this article 100%. I have read enough people say that coaches can't miss blocks, throw interceptions or miss field goals and that is true.
    It IS the coach's responsibility to prepare the team for their opponent. Peppers said they were not prepared for that QB? So who was Marinelli preparing them for then The Vikings? I wonder if the Bears will even make the Playoffs now? Coaching changes are long overdue.

  • Maybe I'm wrong, but this seems to be the first time that Lovie admitted any responsibility for the result.

    And as far as the Bears telegraphing their plays (as you note with Bush on 4th and 1), that isn't news.

    Now, with such things as Urlacher being out for at least the meaningful next 3 games of the rest of the regular season (just announced), meaning that the major premise for this defense is gone, will this be the end of all the calls for "they have to give Lovie an extension now" when his coaching for 9 years has been fairly mediocre, despite a few high spots?

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    If the Bears make the playoffs, Lovie will stay, if not, he's gone. He should be gone anyway for Sunday's "game management", a type of game we have seen too many times. It could be worse, Norv Turner could be the Bears coach.

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