O-Line Caves-In, But The Real Player-Makers Come Through....

In this game there was no doubt what-so-ever that nothing has changed regarding our offensive line.  In fact, Cutler got better blocking with help from TE's and RB's on blitz plays.  When Carolina rushed 4 down linemen (which they did most of the game) our 5 guys could not stop them which resulting in 6 QB sacks and 3 early turnovers.

What we also saw is how "real" play-makers usually make the difference when it counts.  Without Tim Jennings, Brandon Marshall, Jay Cutler, and of course Robbie Gould, the Bears would have lost this game for-sure.  I mentioned Cutler because I'm convinced that no other QB would have the type of connection that Cutler has with Marshall which resulted in a string of short to mid-range pass plays late in the game that put us in field goal range.

On the other hand, it was our defense that came to play and kept us in the game.  Truthfully if we were playing a better offensive team, this game would gotten out of reach quickly.  If there was ever a time to panic regarding our weak O-Line, the time is now!  We cannot expected to win a championship this year unless drastic changes are made on the O-Line.  With the type of skill players we have on offense, we could be really blowing teams out if Cutler had more time to throw, and the running game be more consistent.

Another thing that made matters hectic for Cutler, was the fact that most of the sacks looked like coverage sacks.  Cutler had difficulty finding open alternate targets when his primaries were covered.   We also saw how Devin Hester "is-not" a wide receiver.  Earl Bennett has, and will always be a better alternate target for JC.  Hester is better suited as a specialty guy and not an every-down wide-out.

We will discuss the game and further expand on our offensive troubles in our next session of Chicago Bears Extra (Tuesday at 7pm est - 6pm cst).  

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