Bears Defense Comes Up Big In Monday Night Blowout

As we have seen many times before, the Bears seem to show up in big games against good teams. This time it was on the road against Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football. This game was significant from the standpoint of where the Dallas Cowboys stand statistically in the season at this time. The Cowboys defense was said to be #1 against the pass, but Jay Cutler picked them to shreds. The Cowboys offense was said to be rated considerably high, but the Bears defense shut-them-down, and picked-off Tony Romo five-times (two of which were pick 6’s).

Even though the Bears defensive line only recorded one sack during the game, Tony Romo was under pressure all night long which resulted in the aforementioned five interceptions. The Bears defensive secondary with Major Wright, DJ Moore, and Charles Tillman seemed to disappear and reappear at the most inopportune times resulting in Romo throwing to the wrong man on the field.

Offensively, the Bears O-Line only yielded two sacks and gave Jay Cutler plenty of time to find his open receivers which resulted in Cutler achieving a Quarterback rating of 140.1, and a QBR of 81.1. What I also observed was Left Tackle J’Marcus Webb getting much needed help from tight ends and running backs giving Cutler that needed 1.5 seconds to get his passes off. Cutler was able to exploit weaknesses in the Cowboy’s coverage’s, and blew-up the #1 pass defense. Cutler also found Wide Receivers Brandon Marshall and Devin Hester on TD pass plays.

The offense was also very efficient on third down conversions going 7-12. Our time of possession during the game was over 30 minutes as well. We were balanced in both the running game and passing game with Matt forte running for over 50 yards (averaging 4.0 yards per carry), and Michael Bush contributing much needed tough yardage from time to time. Forte appeared to re-injure his ankle early, but was able to return in the second half and finish out the game.

So now the Chicago Bears sit on a record of 3-1 for the season and one full game ahead of division rivals the Green Bay Packers. However the Bears share an identical won/loss record with another divisional rival in the Minnesota Vikings. We will discuss more regarding this game in our upcoming game against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the next session of “Chicago Bears Extra” (Wed. at 8pm est.) along with a full break down of match-ups against the Jags, and our upcoming first game with the Vikings in week 12.

Make no mistake Bear Fans, it all comes down to match-ups with the Chicago Bears and any opponent that they may struggle against. The Bears were successful against the Cowboys because they gave LT J’Marcus Webb much needed help to contain Right Outside LB J’Marcus Ware. However what was most surprising is how our defensive secondary was able to lock down the Cowboy’s passing attack.

As I've said before, the Bears secondary has shown much improvement this year. Chris Conti, Major Wright, Tim Jennings, DJ Moore, and Charles Tillman have played exceptionally well, and have thus avoided getting burned on big yardage pass plays.  This defense has also been successful in putting points on the board as well.  Urlacher has been able to play effectively (even at 75%), and Lance Briggs is playing at His expected All-Pro caliber status.

This was a huge victory for the Chicago Bears against the Cowboys, and should serve as a springboard in the weeks to come. The Bears Defense was able to neutralize an efficient passing attack, which also I might add was effective against an old Bear nemesis in the New York Giants in week 1. The Bears offense was also able to be effective in both running and passing the ball. Another noteworthy component is; when Jay Cutler plays games like He played last night, 9 times out of 10 the Chicago Bears win.  So goes Jay Cutler, so go the Chicago Bears…

Also; when the Bears Defense dominate, the Bears will when the game. When J’Marcus Webb gets help on the left side of the offensive line (resulting in less quarterback sacks), the Bears when the game. When Brandon Marshall and the other skill position players on the Offense have a solid outing, the Bears when the game. And when the Bears Defense score points, the Bears win the game.

Lastly, it is also noteworthy to point out that in every victory the Chicago Bears have had this year, they have all been pretty much blowout games. So I must say, at this point in the season the Bears seem to dominate the opponents that they beat, whereas the Green Bay Packers just simply get lucky and win games…



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