Who We Thought They Were......

The debacle in Green Bay, the laugher at Lambeau, however you want to characterize it comes down to people being who we thought they were.  Those people are; J'Marcus Webb, Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers, and/or the Bears coaching staff.

Now to put things into proper perspective, I don't totally agree with some of the chatter going on about our QB.  Jay Cutler is a very frustrated QB right now, and has been for quite some time.  At the same time as being giddy and excited about his new toys, Jay has reached his breaking point with His weak O-Line and the poor play of one J'Marcus Webb.  This is what lead to Cutler's outburst during the game, and I'm not sure if I would have done it anymore different.

As I've said before, our problems on the O-line begin and end with Webb.  Cutler had every right to get into Webb's face because from my vantage point Webb did not deserve to start from the word go, and if I were Smith and Emery Webb would be long-gone by the end of the day.  He's had more than enough chances and time to get his act together, but he continues to make the same lame-brain mistakes.  And I'm sick and tired of people jumping on Jay Cutler when he exerts his rightful position when it comes to being a demonstrative leader.

So with that said, the media needs to put-a-sock-in-it when it comes to running their mouths about my QB when he expresses himself. None of those hypocritical knuckle-heads (and you know who you are on ESPN) don't say anything when other QBs like Phillip Rivers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and others when they get in the faces of their guys.  SO JUST STOP-IT GOLIC! (like you always say).

Once again, the Bears offense was completely embarrassed, man-handled, and our coaches were outwitted by Dom Capers who still has the worst defense in the league.  If Lovie wants to keep his job after this season, he'd better find a way to put an end to getting the same lousy results against the Green Bay Packers.  Smith knew when he took this job that beating GB was as important as any game on the schedule.  No other Bear coach (that I can recall) in recent years has had such a dismal stretch against the Cheese-Shit Heads like Smith.

Mike Tice is not without blame in this either.  He knew damn well what he was dealing with when it comes to Clay Matthew, but he did absolutely NOTHING!  Tice (as I stated in the last show) is to blame for putting Webb out there with no help.  Tice also is to blame for not properly assessing the needs of the O-Line along with Lovie Smith.  From the outside looking-in, it was easy for Emery to see that the Bears needed more play-makers on offense, and He delivered.  However, Tice and Smith knew just how bad the line was (but seem to be in-denial).

In contrast GB QB Aaron Rodgers shook-off the sting from last week, and proved yet once again that he is the one of the best in the league (period).  Rodgers patience and poise is something that He benefits from, and enables him to bounce back quickly.  On the other hand, if there is anything that continues to trouble about Jay Cutler is his persistence in throwing risky passes into coverage.  This is something that Bates needs to really work on with Jay.

Overall this 23-10 loss should have been a 23-10 victory.  The pack don't have a great defense (we do).  The pack has an aging offense with diminishing play-makers (we have play makers-just no O-Line).  Aaron Rodgers is a great QB (Cutler has a better arm).  The pack don't have a big threat on special teams (we have Devin Hester).  Now the Bears "must" win game 2 against the pack if they have any chance to win the division.

No, I am not happy about last nights game, the O-Line and lack of offense etc, but I'm not going to fall to pieces like some people are doing.  I'm not going to jump on the soap-box against our franchise QB (He's still the man).  No, we need to take from this game what is needed and move-on.  One thing does stand unavoidably clear, J'MARCUS WEBB MUST GO!!!!!  



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  • Pride cometh before the fall. And so does a Bears meltdown.

  • I totally agree Aquinas! A few words (such as yours) couldn't explain it better....

  • Maybe J'Marcus Webb is who we thought he was (and missing a first name).

    However, the rest of the Bears aren't. Green Bay was supposed to have a weak defense that Cutler and Marshall were supposed to cut to shreds, with help from Bennett and Jeffery. Somehow, though, that wasn't the game that was played last night. According to those announcers, too many bad routes, bad reads, and failure to hold on in the end zone. Apparently Cutty or the game plan couldn't deal with Marshall being double covered.

    Maybe the Colts' defense (except for the first 4 minutes) was that bad, giving us a false reading of what the Bears really were.

  • I forgot to mention, and you certainly did, the stellar special teams work on the fake field goal that resulted in an easy 7 points on a 4 and 26. That probably was the play that cracked it open.

  • Great insight Jack! You were so correct in pointing out several things I failed to:
    1- Our offense appeared to be lost with no answers to the Packers double-teaming Marshall.
    2- In the back of mind, I wondered if the Colts defense was so bad it made offense (which appears to be a work "still" in progress) better than it really was. I admit, I got "caught-up" too.
    3- The fake field goal was a "brilliant" play and totally changed the complexion of the game in favor of GB. Without that play, the game may have been 6-3 or 6-0 at the half, thus giving the Bears added confident for the 2nd half instead of absolute panic.

    I also have to give the Pack some Dap for bouncing back from a dismal defeat at home the week before. This is what championship caliber teams do. The Patriots still won consistently with a weak defense year-after-year. We may have a long way to go before we get there. G

  • Webb needs to clean out his locker and take his laughing ass out of town. NFL stands for Not For Long when you can't do your job. and not doing your job can cause the QB to suffer a season or career ending injury and HE THINKS IT"S FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By God, he works for me, I pay his salary! I buy the tickets, I buy the shirts and hats, I fight the stinking Cheeseheads in the sports bars.
    I want him gone, maybe we can trade his sorry ass for a holder.

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