As We Predicted....

Usually we don't take pleasure in being on the serving end of the old phrase "We Told You So!", but this is a new experience.  Bill and I (as we wrapped-up season 2011) agreed in unison the both Jerry Angelo and Mike Martz were the two who needed to be gone along with a few other bad player acquisitions.

My last article (which was long ago), touched on how new GM Phil Emery was moving the team in the right direction.  Now fast forward to today after a pretty solid draft this past spring, the promotion of Mike Tice to Offensive Coordinator, and the addition of Jeremy Bates as QB Coach along with the signing of WR Brandon Marshall, you couldn't have asked for a more fulfilling wish list.  In all honesty we did not expect the Bears to trade for Marshall, but Emery was able to pull-it-off.

Now with the pre-season behind us, and the real games starting Sunday 9/9, many experts are predicting the Bears to be serious contender in the NFC North.  We agree that not only can the Bears win the division, but the NFC as well.  We will discuss this in full detail on our next edition of "Chicago Bears Extra" on Tuesday 9/4 at 8pm est.

What I will say here is that this past pre-season gave a good glimpse of what we can expect from the Bears offense this season.  Unlike last year where the Martz system had everyone confused, this pres-season the Bears offense put up 70 points in all 4 games combined compared to last years 60.  When and Cutler Marshall played together, Cutler hit the big wide-out early and often including a 21 TDP against the NY Giants.

In all, I believe the Bears are greatly improved on offense, but their aging defense may struggle from time-to-time this year.  Bill and I will give a full breakdown and analysis this Tuesday, and take calls as well.


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