Emery Continues To Add Depth To The Bears Roster

While some may be still reeling and confused by Phil Emery's failure to draft an offense lineman during this years draft, it may be noteworthy to take into consideration just what He is really up to.

I for one was initially disappointed when I discovered that Emery actually passed over offensive tackle Michael Adams from Ohio State in the second round. Instead, the Bears drafted WR Alshon Jeffery from South Carolina. This and many other moves however, shows proof that Phil Emery's perspective on the bears current roster was in dire need of solid playmakers.

The trade for wide receiver Brandon Marshall, was also an indication that the bears are sincerely looking to build this team around their franchise quarterback Jay Cutler. Ironically, it was Cutler who seriously entertained the notion of Marshall coming to the bears from Miami many months ago on Twitter. It was my personal opinion at that time, that only in a perfect world would we ever consider bringing Brandon Marshall here to Chicago while he was still under contract by the Miami Dolphins.

Although this may appear to not be a totally perfect solution, the acquisition of Brandon Marshall, and how we were able to obtain him for a couple of middle round draft choices, proves that GM Phil Emery is far more capable than many may have realized in terms of his ability to build a winning team in a practical way.

The two key offensive players obtained during this draft were TE Evan Rodriguez, and the aforementioned WR Jefferies. Both of these players have been identified as bona fide offensive playmakers. In fact, Rodriguez has been compared to the patriots TE Aaron Hernandez. It is also apparent to me that Emery is obviously filling-in the many holes that former GM Jerry Angelo left in the Bears roster.

One would also have to conclude that the contract extension signed by linebacker Lance Briggs is another obvious indication that Emery is systematically “righting” the many “wrongs” committed by Angelo as well. Lance Briggs contract extension was agreeably long overdue, but Emery settled that old business with swift action.

Emery also realizes that the signing of a new contract for running back Matt Forte may drag on a lot longer than many of us would've hoped for, but this is a contract that Angelo should have had done last year when Forte was entering his forth season with the team.

Now in retrospect of this year's draft, our number one selection of Boise State Outside Linebacker/Defensive End Shea McClellin was an excellent pick to say the least. McClellin is exactly the type of player that Bill and I would have hoped the Bears would obtain to play opposite all-pro Defensive End Julius Peppers. Now we can truly say that not only does our offense appear to be amassing formidable playmakers, but that our defense is shaping up to look very much like the defense we had during the 80s as well.

In reading the scouting report on McClellin, indications show that this is a player very similar to some of the fiercest outside pass-rushers in the league. McClellin is said to have great speed and lateral movement along with a repertoire of unique pass rushing moves. This was something that we were lacking in recent years till Peppers came along. Now with two athletic players on each side at the defensive line, you can rest assure that the Bears will put plenty of heat on opposing QBs.

The remaining picks of two cornerbacks and a safety, also shows that Emery looks to fill some specific needs by drafting players with specifically talented players for key positions. Reports have also indicated that Emery is far from finished in putting together a solid and deep Chicago Bears Roster.

So the excitement continues as Emery has been aggressive in signing undrafted free agents as well. This is also an indication that Phil Emery is undoubtedly showing a lot of the leadership and aggressive roster building that will transform the Bears into championship contenders. This is how He (Emery) won this job.

So in the days, weeks and months to come we can expect more acquisitions of players, and a full complementary of talented players attending training camp this summer. As far as signing Matt forte goes, that's a topic for another article. However, it is obvious to me that Emery is handling much of the unfinished business by former GM Jerry Angelo in a systematic and strategic fashion.



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  • As some of the dust has settled and I step back and take a breath to maybe get a feel as to the how's, who's, what's and where's to Emerys M.O. so to speak, I applaud the man for taking the organization in the direction he feels is best even though it may not be according to "conventional wisdom" in some areas. It's nice he's trying to "clean-up" some of Angelos mess, create / instill a more professional, healthier environment for all concerned around Halas Hall...that'll payoff in the future in alot of ways. The man has a plan and it seems to be a good one, hopefully he sticks to it and his staff also see's it and are 110% with him, Tice and 'ol hot Rod don't know any other way but all the best you got all the time so it looks like da Bears could finally be in some good, capable hands for the first time in awhile.

  • I can hear the Lions and Packers Defense saying, " follow me over left tackle. That's where the sacks are coming from"!

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