Forte’s Whine-Tweet More Disrespectful To The Team…

Enough has already been said, and written about Matt Forte’s mini-rant on Twitter where He characterized the signing of RB Michael Bush as a “Dis”.  Though I fully understand where Matt is coming from, my response to his tweet are summed up in three words “Come-On Man”….

In fairness however, Matt did send a follow-up tweet later-on where he welcomes the addition of Bush who ran for 977 yards last year for the Oakland Raiders.  With that said, I would not be surprised if Matt received a call from his agent just after His first tweet went viral.

I’m quite sure that Forte’s agent (and rightfully so) reminded his client that they were still engaged in negotiations with the Bears front office for a new deal, one that all parties involved can be happy with.  Such deals can and do take time, especially when you have a team with many areas to address on their roster.

The signing of Bush definitively helps the team, and also greatly benefits Forte who by his words stated that He was being “ grinned to a pulp”.  Now with Bush, Matt can get a much needed rest during games from time-to-time, and not worry about the aforementioned any longer. The Bush signing also (as many Chicago reporters have pointed out) spells the inevitable departure of Marion Barber.

Bush is a much bigger back than Barber at 6’2” and 243lbs.  Barber comes in at 5’11”, 221lbs.  Statistically the two are relatively the same, however Bush is a year younger then Barber and is coming into his 5th season. Barber is entering his 7th year and may not be signed by anyone after leaving Chicago.  Bush’s yards per carry average stands at 4.1 (for his career), with Barber at 4.2.

Throughout this free agent signing bonanza, the Bear made several moves and still have more yet to make prior to the Draft next month.  Thus far Emery has pulled the trigger on acquisitions of QB Jason Campbell, LB Blake Costanzo, WRs Brandon Marshall, and Eric Weems.  In the midst of all this, the Bears re-signed their own free-agents TE Kellen Davis, DE Israel Idonije, and QB Josh McCown.

Even though I truly understand how Matt Forte Feels (and believe me, no one is more deserving of a nice long term deal than Him), Matt needs to understand that His team is in the process of righting itself from an ineffective and out-of-touch GM whose 50-50 draft record and free agent mis-steps got exposed last year, leading to his exit.

Publicly Emery and the team brass have expressed their desire to get Forte signed to nice long term deal.  However, the problem that does exist here is not only the fact that the Bears have many holes to fill; a few other teams are signing their key players to new deals. The meter is running, and the prices are going up.

At the end-of-the-day, I still come down on the side that says: Pay Matt Forte….


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