With 8 Picks, The Bears Should Do Well In The Draft

Let me start be going right ahead and saying what needs to be said; this draft is, and will be a referendum on our new GM Phil Emery.  As I've said before, I really believe that the organization is very serious about building a strong championship caliber franchise.  If this is the case, then Emery should have his feet put to the fire right away.  We've settled for mediocrity for too long.

We've looked at several "Mock-Drafts" (3 to be exact), and everyone seems to agree that the Bears should take an offensive lineman in the first round.  Of course I agree as well, but no one seems to be in agreement as to who the Bears should pick.  In fact, 3 candidates have emerged, and they are;  OT Jonathan Martin (Stanford), OT Mike Adams (Ohio State), and OG Cody Glenn (Georgia).

Out of these three I really like Adams from Ohio State. Adam's is a native from Dublin Ohio who has played consistently in weather conditions similar to Chicago and the NFC North Division.  As I've written before, this is one important aspect of a player's profile that has not been considered in many of Jerry Angelo's OL picks with the exception of last years top pick Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin.

Adams is a 6' 7" 320lb monster of a man (who majored in criminology at OSU), and was named first-team all Big 10 as a junior, and second-team honers in 2011. Adams was a consistent starter for two years straight (2010 & 2011), and has been considered byman as one of the best left tackles in the Big 10 Conference.

Jonathan Martin and Cody Glenn look like good prospects, so why not pick all three if available in the lower rounds (the Bears do have an extra pick in round 3).  This would leave the Bears with 5 more picks.  However, if the Bears wish to address their WR need, they may be forced to use their 1st round pick for that player.  For too long we've also waited till the late rounds to draft offensive players. This will not work in today's NFL.

This draft is very rich in NFL caliber talent from 1-100, so a bad first draft for new GM should not be the case.  On the other hand, if the Bears can score a #1 WR in free agency (preferably Dwayne Bowe or Vincent Jackson), then the draft will be wide open for us fill other holes on the defensive side at DT, DE, LB, and DB as well the O-Line.




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    Clearly, Mr. Dean, you need to do more homework. First of all Adams is not near the prospect you think he is. Yeah, he's big, but he has slow foot speed and to play the left side in the NFL you have to be able to counter the quickness of the opponents DE. Just becasue he played in cold weather and the others didn't doesn't make him a better prospect. Secondly....what kind of comment is ".....so why not pick all three if available in the lower rounds"?? There is no way that all three of these guys are going to be available!! Martin won't even last until the Bears 1st round pick......you DO know that there are 32 other teams picking, right?? You're right the Bears have two 3rd round picks, but their first pick in the third round is after 73 other players have been picked!! And free agency WR?? It's common knowledge that Bowe is going to be franchised by KC and VJax is going to demand such an outrageous salary that he'll price himself out of Chicago. It's frustrating to read columns from so called experts that even the casual fan knows is complete trash. Better luck on your next article.....but do some research first ("maybe we should draft all 3")??

  • In reply to Irish Cowboy:

    WHAT-EVER COWBOY! Let's get one thing straight. I don't claim to be an expert, but I know my Bears Football. DO YOU????
    I am well aware that all three of these dudes won't be just languishing around for the Bears pick-up in other rounds, but there is plenty of talent in this draft for the Bears to use 3 picks on 3 solid linemen. Furthermore, I TOTALLY disagree with your assessment of Adam's. Why don't U read the Damn scouting reports instead of heckling me. I can accept a descending opinion, but I WILL-NOT turn the other cheek when you "Try" to smack me down....

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