Phil Emery Is A Man "On" A Mission....

When newly hired GM Phil Emery stepped to the podium to address the media, He was all business, and very little teeth.  Emery's demeanor indicated to us all that he was not just a man with a mission (as mandated by ownership), but a determine man "On-A-Mission" period.

Emery has paid his dues in this business, and we perceive him as an individual who will seize this opportunity to show the league and the fans in Chicago that he was the right choice.  Honestly (as I've written in the past) Phil was not on our short list.  However given more research into Emery's body of work, his past experience with the Bears organization, and especially his vibrato during his opening press conference is what sold me.

With all that said, Emery has quit a few matters to tend to in the weeks and months to come.  For starters, Emery needs to get Matt Forte's contract situation resolved quickly.  Forte is way too invaluable, and has conducted himself with a great deal of character and class despite this situation.  In most cases (where a player doesn't get the contract he deserves, then gets hurt) a declaration of war is usually the end result.  Therefore the Bears must not only show "good faith" here, but just how much Forte is needed and appreciated.

Then there's the offensive line which I thoroughly believe that Emery and his crew will look to the draft to remedy the matter.  In regards to Wide Receiver,  I'm quit sure that Emery will most likely consider Free-Agent WR Dwayne Bowe who he knows very well from KC. Between Bowe and San Diego's Vincent Jackson; Bowe has put up nearly the same number in 5 years that Vincent has achieved in 7.

On the other-hand, if Jay Cutler had his druthers he'd like to see his old buddy Brandon Marshall in Bear uniform.  This seem like a marriage made in heaven, but at the end of the day Marshall's off-field issues would be a factor as well as the fact that Marshall is still under contract with the Miami Dolphins.  Besides, with the Bears bringing Jeremy Bates on board as QB coach, Cutler is, and will be just fine.

I also see Emery being very active in the acquisition of undrafted  free agent rookies as Angelo was last year.  The problem with Angelo's move for undrafted talent, is that He waited to late to utilize that resource.  Another thing that works in Emery's favor is the fact that the Bears have some 20 plus million dollars in cap money to work with.   This is why G-Mac stated publicly that money would not be an issue in their quest for talent in free agency (see Tribune Article).

Yes Bear fans these are exciting times for us, and we can be certain that the organization is very serious about bringing a championship back to the windy city.  In fact (according to Phillips) this organization is looking to win several championships before it's all said and done.  With Angelo and Martz gone (which is what a majority of us wanted to see happen) the prospects of better 2012 season are in reach.  However, it's Lovie Smith's turn to show whether or not he is really up-to-the-task.....

GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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