Emery's Silence A Rookie Mistake???

I could not help but comment on Mark Potash's article in the Chicago Sun Times which referred to Emery's silence regarding the Bears draft moves as a "rookie mistake" (see article).  To cut right to the chase, I totally disagree with Mark....

As you all know, in Phil Emery's first press conference, he was all business and less teeth.  He has approached his task like a man "possessed".  To say that it's a rookie mistake when Phil refused to tip his hand, is "bogus".  Come-on Mark! Why should Emery disclose to any member of the media what he's incline to due in the up coming draft?  Experienced GM's know that the draft can become more like a poker game then anything else.  If you tip your hand, you can create an opening for the other guy selecting before or after your pick.

No, Phil is doing what he believes should be done to make the most out of this "crucial" first draft under his watch. So get-over-it Mark! The Bears are looking to make some moves in the free agent market as well as the draft, so discretion is the right way to go right now.  In fact, Bill Belichick and many others have done just fine keeping things close-to-the-vest with the media.  To me this is a positive sign, not a "rookie mistake", it's shrewd business.

Come-on Man .....



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  • I agree Gary. Why would anyone broadcast what picks you want to make ahead of time? Just to satisfy a reporter? I think not. Hope I get the chance to meet this guy soon.

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