Bears Draft & Free Agency: O-Line A Big Need, WR A "Must"....

The needs on our offensive line are huge, however the Bears have no margin for error this time around in finding a solid #1 receiver. With the "Martz-Mess" well behind us, the Bears have a golden opportunity to add a real stud at the WR postion.

With that said, I feel strongly that the Bears can effectively address their WR need in free-agency, and will be better served to build their O-Line in the draft.  In fact, new GM Phil Emery has been very busy at the combines, and has met with the agent of WRs Dwayne Bowe and Eddie Royal (Todd France).  France also represents one of the drafts top WR prospects Justin Blackmon from OSU.

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli (Emery former boss) has stated that his team has every intention of re-signing Bowe, however if Emery is persistent in his pursuit for the big wide-out, Pioli will undoubtedly want something in return.  San Diego's big WR Vincent Jackson will most likely be re-signed as well leaving only a few prospective WRs, most of which are way too old for the Bears to consider.  If this is the case, then the draft may be the way to go for a big-time WR.

In reality, Blackmon will most likely be off the board when the Bears are on the clock, but who knows what deals may be in wait in that scenario.  The problem here is that the Bears cannot afford to relinquish any draft picks at all in their quest to build the O-Line and address other needs.  I counted 8 solid O-Line prospects in the top 50 of this draft, so there's much to choose from if not more.

In summary, I am confident that the Bears will have a good draft, and spend their money wisely in the free agent market.  Some feel that the team will not go on a spending spree in free-agency (remember they need to get Matt Forte locked-up).  However George McCaskey did state that money would be "no object" in their consideration in the free agent market place.  In regards to the draft, it will be a "all-hands-on-deck" event for the Bears Brass with G-Mac attending his first NFL Combine this year.

Yes (as I've said before), the Bears are extremely serious about building a championship caliber team (which most believe they are not far away right now).  I feel we are close to something special, and so do the coaches and players.

GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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