In the Bears search for a "real" GM, four names have emerged.  The positive thing here is that Phillips & McCaskey are not rushing things and want to get the right guy who will build this team using the draft rather than grabbing a bunch of used-up retreads which was one of Angelo's worse habits (especially on offense).  Another thing that sticks out is; when was the last time we heard any one from the Bears front office say that "We Want To Win Championships" (plural).  The last person who even made such an assertion was Mike Ditka who declared that "We Want To Get To The Super Bowl & Win It".  Phillips realizes that in today's NFL, the order business is to win "again-and-again".

Bears' search for a General Manager:

Phil Emery - Chiefs director of college scouting.

CBE Perspective – KC’s drafting the past several years have been nothing short of “abysmal” with “no” franchise QB obtained in the draft to speak of.


Jason Licht - Patriots director of pro personnel.

CBE Perspective – The Pats success record as a franchise speaks for itself.  In fact, I believe New England“will” win it all this year with GB & NO out of the picture.


Jimmy Raye - Chargers director of player personnel.  (Tuesday 1-17-2012 Interview scheduled.)

CBE – Raye’s record of late has not been much of an inspiration.  Even if he were responsible for bringing Phillip Rivers to the fold, he will still be remembered in SD for being the fool that let Drew Brees get away.


Marc Ross -GiantsCollege scouting director.

CBE Perspective – The Giants have drafted well on both sides of the ball.  No complaints should he get the nod.



Long Shots – Ted Sundquist - former Broncos GM who drafted Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall and others.  He was a runner up to Jerry Angelo when he interviewed for the job in 2001.  Obviously, Ted should have got the job then.  Hopefully we won’t make the same mistake if our aforementioned GOs don’t get the nod.  Ted Ruskell – Absolutely Not!!!!




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  • You know that photo is not the Jimmy Raye they're interviewing, right? That's his DAD.

  • In reply to CubsFan41:

    Oops! You're right. Correction made thanks. Who do you like for the GM job?

  • I think Raye's the obvious choice with his experience and track record. He has an eye for hidden talent. The Chargers have always had the talent, but just never get the job done. Don't let AJ Smith's decisions represent Jimmy Raye's - speficially letting go of Drew Brees and Sproles. From what I understand, Raye fought hard for these two. In the end - AJ Smith decides who stays and who goes. I just don't think the other guys have the experience and knowledge that Raye does. He has proven his abilities by maintaining his job with the Chargers since the mid-90's, being promoted through three different GMs.

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