Bears OC Job May Be Open Again, Jim Caldwell Need Apply.....

Not longer ago during one of our shows “Chicago Bears Extra”, we mentioned Jim Caldwell as a potential successor to the now retired Mike Martz.  Well, the Raiders have shown interest in newly promoted OC Mike Tice, and Caldwell is looking for work.

Earlier this week, Caldwell was relieved of his head coaching duties in Indy which now makes things even more dramatic in what can be called “As The Colts Luck Turns”.  Many are even wondering what the moved means regarding Peyton Manning’s future in Indy as well. Nonetheless, Caldwell’s availability could be a godsend for Chicago as we continued to tie more loose-ends in the aftermath of our late season collapse which lead to unprecedented 8-8 record in 2011.

Should the Raiders offer Mike Tice their HC job and he goes, Caldwell would be a great addition to the coaching staff with his connections to Lovie Smith via Tony Dungy.  Should Tice stay, Caldwell would be a great fit at QB coaching having worked with Peyton Manning (2002 – 2010) during his more successful years with the Colts.

After his first year as OC (when the Colts offense was ranked 17th in points & 9th in yards) Caldwell’s offense was ranked in the top 5 from 2003 to 2007.  In 2008 Indy’s offense was rank 13th in points, and 15th in yards.  Thereafter, Caldwell’s distinguishing success resumed with the offense being ranked in the top 10 in 2009, and back in the top 5 in 2010.  Then the end came when Manning went down in 2011.

All in all, Caldwell has a impeccable record as a great QB coach and offensive coordinator. Caldwell also work successfully as a receivers coach in the college ranks at Southern Illinois, Colorado, Louisville, and PennState.  As we all know, the Bears can use all the help they can get at the WR position.

Hopefully, Lovie will show us that he’s just as serious about winning championships (plural) as the suites at Halas Hall are.  In fact, this upcoming season (with Angelo gone) will in no doubt be a referendum on Lovie Smith as HC.

The ball’s on your side of the court Lovie, are you man enough to serve???

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