And Now, We Wait......

Make no mistake Bear Fans, this season (which began with such promise) turned out to be one we'd rather forget.  It is also a season where team Prez Ted Phillips could make a statement on just how serious he is about building a championship team (like he claimed last spring).

If there was ever a time where the Chicago Bears had a golden opportunity to make much needed changes, it is NOW!  On one hand we've heard that Jerry Angelo is retiring, with Tim Ruskell being his successor.  This is a nightmare waiting to happen.  Yes, let Jerry retire with some dignity, but we need not have Jerry 2 with Ruskell at the wheel.  Keep in mind, "No Tim Ruskell, No Sam Turd".

Jerry Angelo has been in his job for 10 years.  His record to show for his efforts are 4 playoff appearances, 4 divisional championships, 1 Super Bowl appearance (which we lost), 5 loosing seasons, and a year (2011) where he was greatly exposed with a 5 game losing streak (after a 7-3 start), and one of biggest season collapses in Chicago Bear history.  That's just the beginning of this "American Horror Story" (the FX TV series that was more watchable then this Bears 2011 campaign).

Jerry's draft record is much worse, and gives a clear indication as to why things have gone the way they have. Here's the "hit & miss" count:

HITS: Gabe Carimi, Chris Conte, Major Wright, Corey Wootton, Henry Melton, DJ Moore, Johnny Knox, Matt Forte, Earl Bennett, Greg Olson, Corey Graham, Devin Hester, Danieal Manning,  Tommie Harris, Charles Tillman, Lance Briggs (16 players with only 4 being all-pro caliber).

MISSES: Too numerous to mention, but we will show this graphic - 3 (misses) out of 5 picks in 2011 & 2010, 6 out of 9 picks in 2009, 10 out of 12 picks in 2008, 7 out of 9 picks in 2007, 5 out of 7 picks in 2006, 6 for 6 in 2005, 7 out of 8 picks in 2004, 10 out of 12 in 2003, 9 for 9 in 2002, and 6 for 6 misses in 2001 (his first draft year).  All told = 72 misses, out of 88 draft picks (an 82% failure, and 18% success record).

Granted, there have been some good players here and there in the list like Kyle Orton, Tank Johnson, David Terrell, Cedric Benson, and a few others, but their success was short lived, and none of these players are still on the team (so much for development).  What is also very important to remember, is that the mark of a good GM, is a guy who can draft a QB.  If you're in the position of a GM, and you've NEVER been able to draft a franchise caliber QB (which Jerry has never done), then you are in the WRONG line of work.

The ability to draft an elite QB (the front man of your franchise) is an "Essential" component of the position, which Jerry Angelo does not have.  Angelo also does not live in same zip code as GMs like Ted Thompson (Aarron Rodgers), Bill Polian (Peyton Manning), Ernie Accorsi (Eli Manning), Bill Belichick (Tom Brady), and even one former Bear GM Jerry Vainisi (who began one the early casualties of the Michael McCaskey horror show).

Angelo has drafted QB's like Shaun  King and Joe Hamilton (in Tampa Bay), Rex Grossmen, Caleb Hanie, Craig Krenzel, and others who either barely made the team, or didn't make it at all.

As I stated earlier, now is a great time to bring in some new blood (on the coaching staff as well as in the front office).   Potential GM replacements would be: Jeff Fisher, Bill Cowher, or Tony Dungee (in terms of former "seasoned" coaches).  Fisher , and Cowher would be more incline to coach as well as be the GM.  Dungee (by his own words) is done coaching, and would be a good fit with Lovie Smith.

Potential coaching acquisitions (to improve the Bears staff) would be Jim Caldwell (OC), Rahim Mooris (Defense),  and other refugees from the Caldwell and Morris staffs.  Todd Haley will wind up in either New England, or back in Arizona (whose offense has been a joke since he left three years ago).  Steve Spagnuolo will most likely land in Philly or with the NY Giants.  Sparano will probably return to NY should Spagnuolo land in Philly.  Norv Turner is a long-shot at best.  I don't believe there's much difference between him and his brother Ron except for Norv's history of relative success as a Offensive Coordinator rather than a Head Coach.

So now, we wait....


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