Poor, Poor, Poor......

Those are the only three words I can think of when it comes to the current state of the Chicago Bears.  Poor execution (by the players), poor coaching by Lovie and his staff, and poor team management which falls directly on the "slim" shoulders of both Jerry Angelo, and his side-kick Tim Ruskell.  I include Ruskell in this indictment simply because in all honesty, Sam Hurd (who we now know really is a "turd") would have not been signed by the Bears if Ruskell was not here.  Ruskell brought over a number of his old players from Seattle when Angelo tapped him for a job here in Chicago.

To get right to the point, we need to begin looking for a true, and honest to God solution to this mess of team that has dropped 4 straight games to teams that a "real" playoff contender would have been able to beat blind-folded.  Yes, the Packers got beat by the lowly Chiefs 19-14 on Sunday, but the key element that must be giving much consideration, is the fact that the Chiefs looked like a different team with a different coach at the controls.  Beating the Cheese-Heads, and ending their winning steak couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy then Romeo Crannel.

With that said, I am convinced that change is desperately needed in Chicago.  If Ted Phillips is truly serious about what he said way back in February and March of last year (which is: "we want to work hard on continuing to build a championship caliber football team here in Chicago and get back to the Super Bowl), then change should be inevitable.  The change should start with giving Jerry Angelo and Tim Ruskell the boot.  This should be a no-brainer since both Jerry and Tim have constantly passed up great players that could have made a huge difference down the stretch, and avoid the public embarrassment incurred from the fall-out of the Sam Hurd situation (especially if Hurd was selling drugs to Bear players).

Lovie Smith is not without blame in this scenario as well.  Smith has shown the same weak and shiftless responses to situations which coaches like Mike Ditka, Bill Cowher, Bill Parcells, and Bill Belichek (just to name a few) would not stand for.  Case and point; the Houston Texans lost two of their star offensive players in QB Matt Schaub and WR Andre Johnson, but they still took care of business with a third string "rookie" QB at the helm.  Yes, we all got sucked-in by Caleb Hanie's NFC title game heroics, but (as I stated), Lovie Smith allowed Hanie's poor play this year at QB, to drag down the offense, and the teams playoff hopes into the gutter(notably, Smith still can't make up his mind, or see the need of a new face at QB) .

If the Bears are to stick with Smith as head coach, they MUST go in a different direction in regards to player personnel.  The only remedy that "could" (and I mean "could" not will) work, is bringing in Tony Dungy as GM.  He and Lovie would certainly work much better together then what we've dubbed as "Dumb and Dumber" (when it comes to the unholy alliance between Smith and Angelo).  The problem here is that Lovie will still be Lovie.

On the other hand, Jeff Fisher would be an excellent fit for the Bears, as would Bill Cowher.  Fisher and Cohwer would make some radical, as well as fundamental changes to this team which is what we really need.  There is also the huge prospect of several fired head coaches that would be available to make up for a better coaching staff on both sides of the ball.  Yes, this is the Bears organization's prime opportunity to re-vamp a team that done nothing but be consistently, inconsistent.

So what's it gonna be Ted?  Do the Bear Fans need to have a sit-in at midfield (very similar Whoopi Goldburg's character in the feature film "Eddie" at mid-court at The Garden) to get your attention.  We are all sick-and-tired, of being sick-and-tired! If you are a man of your word, and of any business sense, you will do what needs to be done, period.

The balls on your side of the court Ted! Are you man enough to serve?????


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