Pay Matt Forte!!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read Steve Rosenbloom's Tribune article which praised Jerry Angelo for not paying RB Matt Forte (see article).

Every one we talk, including current and former NFL players, all unanimously agree that Matt should get paid.  Forte accounts for at least 60% of the Bears offensive production.  Without Forte, just how many points do you this Martz offense would produce?  In fact I'll tell what things would look like without "Sweetness 2" in the mix:

  • Cutler would be forced to pass more, which would result in another concussion, and our franchise QB on the IR.
  • Most of the running would fall on Marion Barber who is a great short yardage runner, but lacks the game-breaker speed and talent of Matt Forte.
  • Yes, the Bears could spend $40 to $50 million on improving other areas, but let's get real folks.  Angelo is clueless when it comes to spotting great offensive talent.  Jerry has left that chore to Mr. Martz whose come up with the wasted free agent signings of Todd Collins, and Roy E. Williams.
  • In regards to the Bears passing game, Matt Forte is the leading receiver on the team.  So if you take away Forte, then Cutler is sure to get hurt.  Our O-line right now is not good enough to give Cutler needed 5 seconds consistently for him to hit down field receivers.  Forte has been a huge advantage for Jay, allowing him to get rid of the ball quickly on short yard routes.
  • The ultimate horror under this regime, would be fear spreading around the league among other would-be free agents.  The Bears will begin (if not already) to be viewed by top notch free agents as a team that does not value even it's best players.  This is pretty much why we've had this roller-coaster ride of being great one year, then crappy the next.

Dynasties are built by organizations that maintain it's continuity of talent and core players.  The Bears have been a musical chairs act since the McCaskey's took charge.  Here's the record; we hit our peak in 1985 with Ditka and crew, but each year thereafter we began to slowly sink downward.  1988 was the last time the Bears under Ditka made it to the NFC Title game, and lost to the Niners.  The rest of the way we saw nothing but 1st & 2nd playoff round exits, and some years not even making the playoffs at all.

After the 2006 Super Bowl appearance (where we lost to Indy), the Bears missed the post-season the following 3 years which lead to 2010 being a do-or-die year for Lovie and the entire regime which also included Jerry Angelo.  Well, the Bears made it to the NFC Title game, but lost to Green Bay.  I would figure that at this point Jerry would see the light and realize that the things he did in the past, must remain in the past.  Nonetheless (as an "insane" person would do) Jerry is repeating his penny pinching ways, and will most likely slap the "franchise" tag on Forte at seasons end.

All I'm going to say (regarding the franchise tag) is this;  if the Bears drop the franchise tag on Forte, then every Bear fan within driving distance should picket Halas Hall relentlessly to voice our disgust and displeasure of the teams "sorry" management.  A little Civil Disobedience won't hurt in response to an ownership that continues to dishonor it's fans with mediocrity, and incompetence.  This organization needs a complete overhaul, period....


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