No Sacks + Bennett Back = Bears Defeat Eagles In Philly - The Story Behind The Story

Once again Jay Cutler puts in another performance that further establishes his own arguments for being named among the "elite" QBs in the NFL.  The key was time....

The O-Line kept Cutler clean allowing+ no sacks in the entire game.  Good protection also allowed Jay to make all his throws, and the offense to convert 7 out of 14 3rd downs to 1st downs.  Another key was Earl Bennet grabbing a team high 5 passes for 95 yards.  Cutler for the game was 18-32 for 208 yards, and a 96.9 QB rating.  Matt "Sweetness 2" Forte was also sensational (as usual) with 24 carries for 133 yards (avg. 5.5 per carry).  Marion Barber (as we predicted) once again proved to be invaluable in tough yardage situations and in the red-zone.

However, the story-behind-the-story of our little equation is the fact that Jay Cutler went to the coaching staff, and made his feelings known about what the offense was lacking, and what it needed.  Cutler demanded the need for better protection, eliminating the 7 step drops for 3 step drops, and to get Earl Bennett more involved in the offense.  The changes requested and granted certainly made the difference against a quality opponent on the road.   Now how's that for leadership Dan....

The defensive secondary is looking much better, and faster with Wright and Conte in place.  DJ Moore went above and beyond the call of duty by keeping Michael Vick in check most the night.  However, I feel very strongly that we could use more strength at the defensive end position opposite Peppers.

All in all, the players really stepped it up and took the "Philly-Faithful" crowd out of the game early.  Like last year, this victory over the Eagles should catapult the Bears forward with their next 3 out of 4 games at home.  It is also proof that this team can play well on the road against a quality opponent.  At this point, we must look at our next game against the Packers in Green Bay, a must win game (undefeated record be damned).

The Pack no doubt have the best offense in the league, but we believe their defense is suspect.  The Bears have a few more weapons on offense this year (compared to last year), and could play well enough to beat the Cheese-Heads at their own game.  In addition to that, we have Urlacher, Briggs, and Peppers on defense along with a secret weapon named "Devin Hester".   The future looks bright, but there's still a lot of football left to be played.

8 down, 8 to go.  GO BEARS!!!!!


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