Cutler Sums It Up Accurately, Bears Coming Together As A Team

As the Kitties from the motor city continue to fall apart, the Bears continue to come together as a solid football team.  This was stated by Jay Cutler in the his post-game interviews, and was also a reflection on the scuffle that broke-out between DJ Moore and Matt Stafford.

Even though I have been among such critics earlier this year, at this point a thoroughly agree that the Detroit Lions are a ball club that has a lot of maturing to do.  Matt Stafford's neck tackle on DJ Moore (which he should have been penalized for holding etc.) is what ignited the melee near mid-field late in the game.

The Bears QB Jay Cutler was also the target of some verbal chattering, and physical abuse at the hands of Detroit D-Linemen Suh and Fairley.  So as far as I'm concerned at this point, the Lions are an immature cheap-shot, and classless act from the head coach on down (and I don't, nor will I ever apologize for that assessment).

Cutler shared these thoughts after the game in reflection of the excitement throughout the entire game:

"You don't want to tell everyone to do that, but at a certain point, I think this team has to draw the line". "If a team's going to cross that (line), we're going to have to retaliate and we're going to stand up for ourselves. "Our offensive line, defensive line … now the secondary, everyone. We're coming together as a team and that's a good sign of it."

What Jay was referring to was DJ Moore's retaliation on Stafford after getting horse-collared by the Lions young QB.  Cutler's word really hit-home with us here at CBE, and it is further evidence of a very strong sense of "solidarity" that now exist on this team.

In tonight's edition of "Chicago Bears Extra" Bill and I will discuss the game in more detail, and will also rundown the following topics:

  • Is It Time For Jerry Angelo To Go?
  • Is It Tine For Mike Martz To Go?
  • Jay Cutler's Continued Emergence As A Team Leader.
  • Where Will The Bears Finish, Wild Card or Div. Champs?

We will also preview our next game against the Chargers at home.  So log-in to the chat room, or call-in to join the party.




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  • Nice article Gary!
    This team is starting to come together, with Jay taking the leadership roll on the "O" side. Finally, it's a great thing to have a tough, skilled Q.B. on our team!

  • fb_avatar

    cutler will never be a good qb he got sacked sunday and put on a show like i big baby he is take it like a man did you see good qb get up and act like he thinks he should not be toughed he is like a princess instead of a prince

  • In reply to Dave Barkley:

    Go home and keep licking your wounds lions fan. Besides, just how many trips to the infirmary has your peanut brittle QB made . Don't throw stones from a glass house, but I guess that's what you "Kitty" fans do best. Also, just how out-of-touch are you to crack on our QB, when yours got picked-off "4" times (2 for 6 points). Man, and we thought cheese-heads fans were the worst....

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