A Lions Loss On Thursday, Would Favor The Bears...

Thursday's Thanksgiving contest between the Pack and Lions, can play a significant role in NFC Playoff picture.  With that said, a Packers victory (which is most likely to be the outcome), would favor our Bears in their push or an NFC Wild Card berth.

We broke down each teams (the Pack & Lions) schedule, and concluded the following:

After Thursday's game, 3 out of the Lions last 5 games will be played on the road against New Orleans, Oakland, and The Pack again. Should the Lions win Thursday, they could potentially finish with an 11-5 record.  If Detroit loses to the Pack Thursday (which is the likely outcome), then the best the Lions may be able to achieve is a 10-6 finish or less.  If the Packers lose Thursday, then the Bears would have to beat them in week  16 with no exceptions.  This would be a difficult task without Jay Cutler behind center.

If the Packers were to lose to the Lions on Turkey Day, they would still be able to cruise to a 13-3 record or better (with losses to Chicago and The New York Giants).  The problem here is that we never know which NYG team is going to show up from week-to-week. Detroit on the other hand have two games on their remaining schedule which they will most likely lose. Those two games are on the road against the Saints and Packers.

So the further the Lions get from the Wild Card spot, is a scenario that would indeed favor our team.  If the Bears and Lions finish with identical records, the tie-breaker possibilities (at this stage in the season) are to numerous speculate.  Catching the Packers at this point would require the Bears to win all six of their remaining games which is less likely to happen as well.

In recent years (under head coach Jim Schwartz) the Lions have loss their last two Thanksgiving Day Games to the New England Patriots, and the Pack for a combine score of 79 to 36. In fact, the kitties have dropped their last 5 Thanksgiving Day games going all the way back to 2006.  So the odds are not in the Lions favor this time around.

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