The Lions Are Who We Thought They Were, The Bears Are What We Suspected....

Ironically it was a Monday night game 5 years ago, that answered many questions.  Unfortunately this time (5 years later)  it's our Chicago Bears who came out at the short end of the stick.   What's also noteworthy is the contrast between Denny Green's "meltdown" 5 years ago, to Lovie "the man-from-glad" Smith's usual low-key reaction.

Lovie Smith did state that things needed to improve "quickly".  However, Smith's sense-of-urgency (as always) sounded as passionate as a bartender's last call.  This is something we've all seen time and time again from Smith, and we also can expect the same lame results (the roller-coaster ride continues).

The Bears are now 2-3. The Lions and Packers are the only 2 undefeated teams left in the NFL at 5-0.  Even if the Bears run the table, they will be 13-3 (which would only happen if hell actually froze-over).  The Pack will most likely finish around 14-2 or better.  The Lions on the other hand showed the nation last night that they could very well meet Green Bay with their unbeaten record still in tact.

The Lions not only beat the Bears with stellar passing attack, they also out ran the Bears 181  to 122 yards.  A majority of Detroit's ground attack came from Jahvid Best's 163 yards on 12 carries.  Best's finest moment came on an 88 yard TD sprint in the 3rd quarter.  Earlier in the game, our defense got torched on a 73 yard TD strike from Stafford to (who else) Calvin "Megatron" Johnson.

On offense, Jay Cutler shined putting in a winning effort going 28-38 for 249 yards, 1 TDP, and no pics.  Even the O-Line was a tad better giving up only 3 sacks, and opened holes for Matt "sweetness-2" Forte who ran for 116 yards on 22 carries.  In the passing game, Dane Sanzenbacher lead the pack with 6 receptions for 64 yards, followed by Sam Hurd who grabbed 5 passes for 50 yards.  Once again, Roy Williams was basically nowhere in sight with only 1 catch for 11 yards (yes it appears that Williams is Martz 2011 version of the Todd Collins fiasco of 2010).

All-in-all, the Bears are in deep sh@!, with the defense getting worse by the week.  Let's face-it, if Rex Grossman played like Cutler did last night in the 2006 Super Bowl (with our defense being much stronger then), Lovie Smith would be wearing that ring instead of Tony Dungee.

Yes, the Lions are for real (like-it or not).  Everything we've suspected and/or feared about the Bears is true.  We have a struggling offense which once again showed more dysfunction by expending all of their time-outs very early in the first half.  Our defense is now among the worst in the league (ranked 28th to be exact), and was not even able to defuse a lion offense that is not known to have a strong running attack.

Lastly, Lovie Smith was completely out-coached by Jim Schwartz in just about every phase of the game.  With that said, it is also important to point out that all of the blame for Bears sad state of affairs cannot be blamed on Jerry Angelo. Remember, Jon Gruden coached Tony Dungee's Bucs to a SB championship, a team that Angelo had a share in building....



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