Donovan McNabb: A Potential HOF Career, Now Reduced To Rubble…

To some Chicago readers this article may be considered far off the beaten path, however it needs to be recognized that Donovan MaNabb is a native of the great city windy city.  In fact, McNabb's mom and other family members were in attendance at soldiers field during the Minnesota game, only to exit the stadium midway in the second half after McNabb got sacked for the final time in that game.

Donovan spent 11 fruitful years in Philadelphia as their franchise QB putting together what some considered to be a potential Hall Of Fame career with 4 NFC Championship appearances, and a trip to the Super Bowl where they fell short to the Pats by 3 point.  McNabb's number in Philly were as follows:

a 59% completion rate, 216 TDPs, 100 INTs, a win-loss record of 92-49-1, and a QB rating of 86.5.  After being shipped off to the Washington Redskins, McNabb's numbers began to take a turn for the worse with a 58% completion rate, 14 TDPs, 15 INTs,  a win-loss record of 5-8, and a QB rating of 77.1.  Donovan was eventually replaced by ex-Bear QB Rex Grossman.

Currently in Minnesota McNabb's win-loss record stands at 1-4, but his stats appear slightly better with a 82.9 QB rating.  Today however, Donovan McNabb has now bench in Minnesota in favor of rookie QB Christian Ponder.  Now despite Ponder's fine performance against the Cheese-Heads this past Sunday, I don't feel that He did enough in the game against us (which was basically in garbage time) to earn the starting job in favor of McNabb the following week.  Ponder did not put any points on the board in the Bear game, and the truth is if Brett Farve was still in a Viking uniform he would not lost his starting to Ponder as McNabb did.

I still don't understand why Andy Reid gave up on McNabb in Philly.  In McNabb's final year as the Eagle QB, he had a win-loss record of 10-4, a completion percentage of 60.3%, 22 TDPs, 10 INTs, 3,553 passing yards to go along with a 92.6 QB rating.  Since McNabb's departure, Philly tried Kevin Kolb which did not work and eventually the starting job went to Michael Vick who played much better than McNabb's would-be successor.  Today, the eagles (with Michael Vick as the #1 guy) are looking up at a 2-4 record and last place in the NFC East Division.

Should things continue to go south up north in Philly, Andy Reid will not only be looking for another job, but he will undoubtedly look back at the decision he made to let Donovan McNabb get away.  Dovovan McNabb has always carried himself with a huge amount of class despite all of the misfortune he's experienced  in both DC and Minnesota.  In regards to Donovan's play on the field, I think we are seeing a man  (though he has not stated so) whose "spirit" has been broken.

Now McNabb finds himself with prospect of having to go to another team and start all over again, but can he pull it off at age 35?



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