Bear Fans Come Out In Force, and Help Propel Bears Over The Vikes....

If there was a game where the Chicago Faithful showed "who they are, and what they stand for", it was last Sunday nights game against the Minnesota Vikings.  The fans in Soldiers Field that night were undoubtedly the 12th man on the field from the very beginning of the game. This is what Chicago is all about.  We saw how our team had to struggle in Detroit, dealing with the noise and revelry of the Kitty fans.  Then we reciprocated with some enthusiasm of our own, and helped our beloved Bears to their most dominating performance of the season.

In my opinion, that was the story of the game.  Yes, Jay Cutler continued to show more flashes of his brilliance with a great game throwing the ball, and Devin Hester made the Vikes pay for kicking the ball to him just after they'd scored a TD.  Thus, each time things seem to go the Vikes way, the fans got louder and louder, and our team responded.

The last time I heard a crowd that loud, was when the Philadelphia Eagles finally defeated the Dallas Cowboys in the 1980 NFC title game.  The Vet was rocking that day, and so were our fans last Sunday night.  There was nothing that Donovan McNabb, Jared Allen, Adrian Peterson, or even Christian Ponder could do to stop the Chicago Bears momentum as they cruised to a 39-10 victory.

Again, this proves that we Chicago Bears fans are the most loyal, resilient, and genuine then any group of fans on the face of the earth. You guys really made us all proud of the Navy Blue and Orange.  With that said, we need to continue to send a very strong message to our team management, and the rest of the league.  Chicago Fans deserve a winner, and that begins with a winning attitude in the organization from the top on down.

Keep shakin' that lake Bears Fans, and BEAR DOWN!!!

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