Why The Bears Should Trade Briggs NOW!!!!!

The real test for any one in a position of power, is how that individual response in pressing situations.  What we have here with Lance Briggs and his agent (Drew Rosenhaus) is an honest-to-god em-pass.   However, this was expected (especially when dealing with Rosenhaus). The question that now remains is "how will Jerry Angelo handle this issue"?

To me the solution to this problem is simple, and goes like this:

  • Briggs is not the only player who wants more money, but he's taking things a step further by asking for a trade now.  The other players have continued their negotiations, some of which have reach a deal.
  • Drew Rosenhaus is known for using such a tactic with clients that want more money, but it has only lead to more distraction.
  • Furthermore (regarding Rosenhaus), when are some players going to wise-up and avoid this guy.  His client list is rapidly becoming more like a "cesspool" of malcontents and Divas.
  • If Lance was a true-bear like he claims, he'd be at the table negotiating instead of grabbing headlines.
  • We have brought other LB into camp who have worked hard trying to make the team.  These players are hungry, not greedy.
  • Brian Urlacher is the real leader of our defense, and leads by example.  He needs complimentary players that will work hard for the team, instead of trying to be "The Man".
  • We could get significant value in return right now for Briggs in the form of an even better outside linebacker or DB.
  • We've crossed this bridge before with Lance and his antics.  It's time now (with an opportunity to get back to an NFC Title Game & to a Super Bowl) to part ways with Briggs and move on.  This issue would only serve as a distraction if allowed to continue.
  • Taking a good look around the league at the fans reaction, and other similar situations currently in motion.  A contract dispute is something we can't afford to have smoldering like a wild-fire waiting to happen, especially after coming out of a 100 day plus "lock-out".
  • Professional sports history has shown us that greedy players usually wind-up one-step forward, two-steps back (examples: Darryl Strawberry, Wilber Marshall, Eric Dickerson, and Deion Branch just to name a few).  The great players like Payton, Jordan, and Brady just play ball, and every dollar their worth.

So what will it be?  I just laid out 10 good reasons why this should be a "no-brainer" for Jerry Angelo.  If Jerry wifs on this one, he's dumber than we all expected.  MAKE THE TRADE JERRY!!!!!!!




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  • Gary, with all due respect. What in theeeee hell are you talking about. Trade Briggs 7 days before our first game? Are you high dude? We have other LB's that are hungry and not greedy? Yeah, they are hungry as hell ....and they fucking suck. Briggs is a douche but he's a perennial pro-bowl douche and there are mere days until the the Falcons game.
    You mentioned it's time now as we make a run for the super bowl to part way with arguably one of the top players on the team and replace him with "someone better". Dude, free agency is over and LB's with Briggs talent level and comfort level with the system don't exist for the bears to have. There couldn't be a worse time for them to trade him. Thank God you are not the GM.

    the solution is simple:

    ignore him and make him choose to play or sit. He will play. Then you deal with this crap after the season. I'm sorry man, your post was brutal and made no sense.

  • Point well taken 2.0. Yes, I expected some backlash regarding my position. The problem I have with Briggs is that we've gone this route before with him when we slapped him with the franchise-tag. In that season, we went no where... Last year Lance just played ball, and he was, and is every bit as good as you pointed out. I also have to concede to the fact there really isn't any one better our there at LB (which I realized once the piece was released). However, Briggs "demanding" a trade was the last straw. In today's Tribune, the final cuts were disclosed, and it seems that we've kept quite a few LBs on the roster. Again, I can't make any plainer then that. To say the post made no sense is presumptuous. Why? just talk to the Titan fans here in TN about Chris Johnson. They'll tell you he's a great player, but he's a malcontent that we don't need. I would feel the same way you do about Briggs, and I'm quite sure that their Bear fans and ex-players & coaches who feel the same. If Briggs was as good as Ray Lewis maybe I'd ignore him, but he is NOT!
    Jerry should make the trade, case closed!

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    In reply to Gary Dean:

    The Bears gave Urlacher more money mid-contract despite his "leading by example".. The Bears have ample cap space to sweeten Briggs deal. They should do it on their own terms, but trading Briggs when we are already thin at LB would be a disaster.

  • In reply to GSHALAS:

    That's true. However, why did Briggs have to go so far as to ask for a trade? Either he's trying to manipulate the talks, or he could legitimately be fed up with Angelo and the front office playing rooster with his lively hood. I don't have any problem with giving Lance more doe, again I just don't agree with the demand for a trade. Usually when things get to that point, it's really hard to salvage any relationship. Ask Carson Palmer.

  • I think this is a knee-jerk reaction, Gary. I'll address each of your points:

    Let's be clear: Rosenhaus asked the Bears for permission to seek a trade - much different than demanding to be traded. It is the Bears' decision not to negotiate with him now, thus Rosenhaus' request. By doing this, he is testing the market to see if other teams would be willing to pay Briggs what he wants. Believe me, the only side with any power to "negotiate" here is the Bears - and they are well within their right to refuse. And even if a suitable team is identified, the Bears can simply refuse to trade him.
    Yes, Rosenhaus is trying to stir things up, but once the season starts, this will only be a distraction to Briggs or his teammates if Briggs or Rosenhaus keep addressing it in the media. Doing this would not serve Briggs well and I think he realizes that. I also believe Briggs when he says this will not affect his play.
    Rosenhaus is a weasel, yes, but he makes his clients money, and that what players want him to do. As long as they don't mind his ethics or tactics, they'll continue to hire him.
    Again, Briggs is in no position to negotiate with the Bears, so your point on negotiating instead of asking about a trade is moot.
    As you noted in your comment above, the Bears' LB core may be hungry, but the talent is thin. Trading Briggs would significantly diminish that talent.
    I don't think Briggs' effort on the field will change, at least not intentionally. If he does slack off on purpose, he would be reducing whatever negotiating leverage he may have, so if he thinks he can also be the "Man" as you put it, let him.
    Given Briggs' age and attitude, it is doubtful that a trade now would land anything better than a mid-level draft pick, not a better OLB as you seem to think. Remember, any team taking Briggs in trade knows they will have to deal with the same money/contract issue the Bears would. No team is going to give away top talent so they can pay Briggs more money.
    Again, little chance for distraction here going forward. And I think you may be a little too optimistic about the Bears chances of going deep into the playoffs this year.
    Most of the other contract situations I've heard about are for players in the last year of their rookie contract. Briggs is not in that situation. I think once he shows he is still playing at a high level, the fans will forget all about this during the season.
    Your point about greedy players may be true, but until Briggs shows this is affecting his play, there's no point in trading him.

    Sorry, but I don't think your argument holds any water.

  • In reply to quid67:

    As it turned out on Sunday, you were 100% correct. Briggs was the same player (against Atlanta) we all (including the players as seen during the game) know and love. It was a knee-jerk reaction. I just could not stomach the trade demand. We'll the Bears & the Briggs camp have left the table, and Lance is playing ball. That's enough for me. Thanks Bro!

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