Rex Grossman Still Sucks....

With a 300 plus yard passing game, and a victory over an ever increasingly dysfunctional NY Giants team in week one, Redskin QB (ex-Bear) Rex Grossman has become the latest media-darling.  In the season opener, Grossman was 21-34 for 305 yards, 2 TDPs, no pics and a QB rating of 110.5.   However, Grossman was far from perfect in week one. There were a couple of near-interceptions, and his fumble on a sack near midfield with the score 21-14 gave the Giants an opening to tie the game.

Now with appearances on PTI and other broadcasts, many seem to have forgotten Grossman's horrifying years in Chicago which looked a re-make of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  Some football talking-heads had the gall to make reference to Grossman's 2006 season in Chicago when the Bears got to the Super Bowl that season.  The truth however, is that our Bears made it to SB XLV despite Grossman.

If fact, in the Bears stunning come-from-behind victory over the Arizona Cards that year (which led to Denny Green's infamous meltdown), Grossman played horribly.  Rex was 14-37 for 144 yards, 4 pics, and "0" TDPs.  It was our defense and Devin Hester that won that game for Chicago, and the whole world found out that "The Bears Are Who We Thought They Were".

Rest assuredly, Grossman's Jekyll and Hyde serum has yet to kick-in some time this season.  It's only a matter of time.  Bear Fans remember all-to-well how Rex came in (drafted in the 1st round in 2003).  How He missed a considerable amount of playing time due to injuries,  then reclaimed his starting job in  2004, only to have the bottom gradually fall out from underneath him in 2006.  From 2007-2008 Grossman was basically a backup QB.

Then in 2009 Rex landed in Houston, things got no better as Rex only saw action in one game.  In 2010, Rex wound up in DC with Shanahan and family .   Shanny and his son managed to make such a mess with their QB situation that what was left of wreckage was John Beck and Rex Grossman.   Beck is a the BYU product who was drafted in the 2nd round by the Miami Dolphins in 2007, then mysteriously disappeared after 1 season only playing in 4 games in 07'.   Grossman won the starting job in DC this year over Beck in a wild QB controversy which many still feel isn't over yet due to Grossman's bipolar QB play.

Yes, Rex has landed himself another starting gig, and his numbers appear to have improved "a bit".  However (like Michael Corleone said in God Father I) "Rex, you think can fool a Chicago Bear Fan with that farce in DC?"  We all know, that you still suck.....


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    a q - back playing for the bears will always look like a second stringer until they get real recievers and a o - line , rex will do alright .. but watch cutler get killed in chicago . he could be a top 5 qb with a team that new what talent is.

  • Let's look at the facts. 1. Prior to the '06 season, Grossman only had 8 games started. He was basically less then a 2nd year player when he was the Bears QB in the Super Bowl. 2. In '06 when he started making mistakes, Local and national media got to him and he became a mess. He lost all confidence as everyone piled on. Blaming him for the SB loss (because he threw 20 interceptions that season). 4. This only intensified in '07 and '08. 5. He came in as a Gun Slinger, like his favorite QB, Brett Farve. 6. Farve's 3rd year he three 24 interceptions. He had 17 starts prior to that season. In his career has thrown over 20 int. six times. 7. Let's look at the guy local media has given a pass to these last three years. Jay Cutler. 8. His third year in the league he had 21 starts under him yet he through 18 interceptions. That's two less then Grossman's 3rd year who only played 8 games total prior to that year. 9. The next year the Bears traded for Cutler. Running the same Offense as Grossman, Cutler had 26 interceptions. Six more then Grossman's '06 season when EVERYONE was piling on. Cutler had 37 starts prior to that season. 10. When are you non-fact checking Chi-town fans going to stop hating on a QB that gave it his all even though he only had 8 prior starts to that season. A season that saw him take the harshest of criticism. It's time to give it a rest and look to the future. Grossman is under Cutler's former coach now. Let's see how he does in the same system Cutler grew up in.

  • The statement you wrote below is misleading. Implying that he played continuously from '04 to '06. You are forgetting that all his seasons prior to '06 led in injury. In '03 he played only three games before he got hurt. In '04 three games and he was out in injury, and '05, he played the first game, got hurt, and tried to play at the end of the season. That's two games. Here's what you wrote: "How He missed a considerable amount of playing time due to injuries, then reclaimed his starting job in 2004, only to have the bottom gradually fall out from underneath him in 2006. From 2007-2008 Grossman was basically a backup QB."

  • In reply to Harima Kenji:

    It still doesn't change the fact that he played like crap with better team surrounding him then our current QB Jay Cutler. If you think that Grossman is going to be a championship QB in DC (with his Jekyll and Hyde QB play), the only one whose mislead is you................

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