Bears Offense Labeled "Dysfunctional", Should Anybody Be Surprised????

Tribune writer Brad Briggs wrote a "scathing" article which details the Bears many "dysfunctions" on offense (see article).   This comes as no surprise to any of us whose been paying close attention of just how bad things could be under Mike Martz system.   We've been ragging on Martz since last year, and even caught heat from "1" sick-a-fant" who didn't like what we had to say.  So whose the no-brainer now?

It has also become quite apparent that Martz is even losing popularity with his QB Jay Cutler.  To make a long story short, the honeymoon is over!  Just read what Cutler had to say (or the lack thereof) in another Tribune article which discusses the Martz systems lack of audibles from the QB at scrimmage (see article).

Former Dallas Cowboy and HOF QB Troy Aikman chimed in stating that the system he won 3 Super Bowls in Dallas with was very similar to Martz system.  That may be true, but Troy is forgetting a few things:

  • That was the 1990's.  Has Norv Turner's system won any Super Bowls Lately?
  • Troy had an O-Line chocked-full of hot draft picks the Cowboys obtained in the infamous Herschel Walker trade (which many feel were the building blocks of those Cowboy championship teams).
  • Troy also had "The Playmaker" Michael Ervin, and other talented receivers (Jerry Angelo and Mike Martz can't seem to find a #1 receiver, even though there's been several talented wide-outs available right before their noses).
  • Martz system didn't win much in Detroit or San Francisco.
  • Rod Turner used the same system here in Chicago, and lost his job because of it (hey, I thought we were making an upgrade in getting Martz as Turner's replacement???).
  • To Turner's credit, he knew how to use a "stud" RB in Emmett Smith (Martz can't recognize talent when he sees it right in front of his face with Matt Forte.  Let's face-it, Martz can't recognize talent period).
  • No punt intended, but didn't Aikman's career get shorten by numerous concussions in the latter part of his time in the NFL after the great SB run?  Could the same thing happen to Cutler? Hm.....

Aikman did however concede that the system perhaps could use some massaging here and there given the rule changes over the years, and the increasing influence the quarterback position wields during games.   In fairness, Phillip Rivers is doing quite well with Norv in San Diego, but he has better personnel surrounding him (including WR Malcom Floyd who we could have signed).  However, I don't feel that Norv will get the Chargers past teams like Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New England, maybe even Oakland and Buffalo.  So a SB championship is out.  That's why LT wanted out.

Ultimately, I believe that our troubles begin and end with Jerry Angelo.  In fact (since the "Fire Lovie Smith" blog page is gone), maybe someone should start a "Fire Jerry Angelo" page.....


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  • Angelo, Smith, and Martz are like Larry, Curly and Shemp. There is no "Moe" in this group. Moe would slap them into line. What we have is an OC driving our ship onto the rocks, a coach admiring the pretty blue water while it happens, and a GM that is the reincarnation of groucho Marx.

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