Bears Lose To Packers For The 3rd Time In A Row....

A disturbing trend is beginning to develop here Bear Fans, and that's the trend of the Bears getting their collective asses kicked by the Cheese-Heads...

Today was another example in the aftermath of a 27-17 shredding by the Pack.  Aaron Rodgers did something he's never done against us, which was pass for nearly 300 yards, and 3 TDPs (including a QB rating of 111.4).

All this week we've heard the chattering about the Bears "weak" offensive line. However, maybe we should be looking at the defense, and not just our troubles on the offense.  Granted, Matt Forte only carried the ball 9 times for "2" yards (we could use Chester Taylor right now...).   In regards to Cutler's pass protection, the Pack only tagged us for 3 QB sacks.

Last week ex-Bear head coach Mike Ditka expressed his disappointment in our defense after giving up 30 points to the Saints.  This week was almost a replay with Rodgers driving the Pack down the field in the first quater to take an early 7-0 lead.

No folks, I think we have some issues on the defense as well as the offense.  Our secondary is getting beat on big plays, and we just cannot get enough pressure on opposing QBs like we did in the past.  If things continue in this fashion, we could be seeing what we've feared the most; a complete breakdown of this coaching regime.

So whose to blame?  Is it OC Mike Martz? Is it Offensive Line coach Mike Tice?, Is it Rod Marinelli? Or is it the coach at the head of the bus Lovie Smith? Can we also include GM Jerry Angelo in this equation, along with the Bears ownership??? My firm belief is that it's a combination of "all" of the above.

Take a look at the Detroit Lions (who rallied to defeat the Minnesota Vikings today).  Detroit did not become the positive rebuilding team that we are witnessing right now, until they got rid of former GM Matt Millen.  Now the Lions are beginning to get everyone's attention. The same can be said about the Buffalo Bills who smacked the mighty New England Patriots with their first loss of the season in surprising fashion.

Losing 3 straight games to the Cheese-Heads (2 at home) is not something that we should except lying down.  Quite frankly, the things that I've feared the most regarding this team and it's problem is beginning to become a reality.  Those problems are:

  • Mike Martz Offense, and poor player selection are catching up with us (Roy E. Williams is still MIA)
  • Jerry Angelo's 50-50 draft record and lack of finding the players that we "really" need.  He still continues to be "hit-or-miss".
  • Ownership's penny-pinching ways which has gotten us in this rut that we're in now.
  • Lack of strength at the head coach position (Lovie Smith) who continues to except mediocrity.   Some players should have gotten butts shredded after allow our franchise QB to get dropped 6 plus times

That's just the short of it.  However, there are 13 more games to be played this year.  Last year we had our Waterloo in NJ, then struggled for a few weeks more before getting it together.  We can only hope that things will turn around in the same fashion for us this year, but the trouble with that notion is that other teams continue to progress past us, leaving our team in this continuing circle of futility...



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  • I agree. We need a change of leadership. Actually, we need leadership from the coaching staff and the front office. Lovie Smith just has never struck me as a "Bear" type coach. We need Bill Cowher. Mike Martz has got to go. His game plan for an offense is now listed in archeology text books. The draft goes directly to Angelo and the front office. They ignored the Offensive line for years and expect to fix it in 1 draft. Not happening. Then there's the draft and free agent signings. Last years bust was Orlando Pace. Yes they signed Peppers but that's 1 out of how many?? It's going to be a long season. Go Lions!

  • In reply to Bigbearfan59:

    Kudos Bill!
    All day long we've heard of the "change-of-mindset" regarding the positive turn-around in Buffalo, Detroit, Oakland, and even Tampa Bay. The Bears need a change. I said last year that perhaps this regime has taken us as far as they can. Remember how Jon Gruden took over Tony Dungee's team in TB, and drove that "same" group of guys to a Super Bowl Championship, and beat is former team to boot. Ironically, Lovie Smith (and Jerry Angelo) were a part of that TB team that just could not get over the hump. Then the man from Glad (Gladewater TX) landed in St. Louis with Martz at the head spot, and that team could never seal-the-deal.....

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