Bears and Pack Meet This Sunday, But The Finger Pointing Has Already Begun...

I can only wish the that finger-pointing this week was trash-talk among players and fans, but this is not the case.  From PTI to all the papers, much has been said about the Bears weak offensive line and how Jerry Angelo did not address this need adequately.

For starters, I not ready to put all the blame on Jerry just yet.  Mike Martz took the heat after the Saints game stating that he was at fault.  Both may be true, but let's take a hard look at this issue.

I believe one of the reason's why Jerry brought in his old pal Tim Ruskell was to give Him the needed insight and help rebuilding the O-Line.  Jerry also did bring in quite a few undrafted players, and some free agents in the rebuilding effort. However what we got may not have been enough.

Jerry and crew had some $33,000,000 under the cap to work with, but was there any worth while Linemen available to sign?  You can also perhaps blame Jerry for letting Olin Kruetz get away (ironically it was Kruetz's new team in NO that turned our O-Line into swiss cheese).

Then there's Martz.  By Mike taking the blame for last Sunday's disaster, could spell that He may have seen the light, and will make adjustments to remedy the sack attack.  In truth, it was our inability to pick-up blitzing DBs and LBs on the corners that did the most damage.

In the past four seasons, Mike Martz QBs have probable hit the deck more than any coordinators.  In Detroit, 63 sacks were yielded in 2006 with 54 in 2007. In San Francisco 55 sacks were registered in 2008.  In 2010 in Chicago, 56 sacks was the tally.  Thus far this year there are 11 sacks in the kitty in just 2 games.  If this pace resumes, the Bears could make history with a projected 70 to 80 QB sacks for the season.

Nonetheless, I think that needed changes can and will be made on the offense. One thing that would definitely help is Martz and Tice getting on the same page. Obviously what Martz is calling vs Tice's blocking packages is not working.  Also, perhaps if Martz would allow Jay Cutler to audible at scrimmage when he reads a certain blitz packages could be the key.

This Sunday's game I believe will answer some questions just as we saw last season after "the murder in the meadowlands".  Despite some of our weaknesses, we do have some players that can come up big and make the difference.  Let's just hope that what we saw last Sunday will be worst as it gets, and that our beloved Bears will keep moving forward and not in reverse.


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