Are The Bears Really That Good? Damn Right They Are!

All day long I heard the football talking-heads express their "stunned" reaction to the Bears lops-sided victory over last year's number seed in the NFC the Atlanta Falcons.  All of the other blow-outs (Bills over the Chiefs, Ravens over the Steelers, and the Eagles Pounding of the Rams) were deemed as just another game.  The Bears decisive victory definitely stuck out in the minds of many as a reflection of things to come. Even compared to the Packs impressive performance against the Saints, the Cheese-Heads defense gave up over 30 points, while our boys "locked-down" Mattie Ice and crew for 60 minutes.

So what does it all mean? Yes, the Bears are truly for-real and here's why:

  • Brian Urlacher is looking even better then he did last year, while Matt Forte is beginning to look more and more like "Sweetness 2" with his ability to turn a short yardage play into a big gain or better.
  • Jay Cutler is performing just as we predicted with better foot work, better pass decisions, and better protection.  We also have a back up QB in Calab Hanie whose a real gamer, and can make things happen on the field.
  • Top draft pick Gabe Carimi is solidifying himself at the Tackle position even better than J'Marcus Webb.
  • Devin Hester has made a considerable amount of progress at WR, and looked good on several short screen plays.  Hester was even one trip-step from breaking away on the opening kick-off for six.
  • Johnny Knox has also shown that his off-season workouts were worth the effort (it will be hard to keep him off the field).
  • Lance Briggs has put his contract squabbles behind him, and is picking up where he left off last year.

That's just the tip of the iceberg here.  This team is showing a great deal of depth as well as talent in the right places, starting with the defense:

  •  We have a wealth of reserves at both DT with Toeaina, Okoye, and Paea.  At DE we have Nick Reed whose getting better with each game.
  • Our reserves on the back end are showing a lot of promise while Major Wright continues to develop into a solid FS with ex-Patriot Brandon Meriweather as his back-up.
  • The talent on the D-Line alone has taken a lot off pressure of the back-end of the defense as well.
  • Offensively we have depth at wide-out and RB.  Dane Sabzenbacher is due for huge a game one of these days (mark my words), and Kahlil Bell can be good for 50 plus yards off the bench.  Not to mention that Marion Barber still has plenty of stuff-left-in-the-basement to give a strong effort each time out.
  • Roy Williams can be as good he wants to be, as long as he's willing to work for it.  Perhaps Mike Martz feels that he's the only coach that's been able to get Williams to work his ass-off, instead of sitting on-it.
  • Punter Adam Podlesh has been a great upgrade at that position averaging nearly 50 yards each punt, and Robbie is Golden.

Next week we go to New Orleans to lock horns with an angry Saints team who will be hungry for a victory in their home opener.  If we win that game, then the critics will definitely be scrambling.  In week three we'll host the Pack.  This will be my "revenge proclamation" for that game: Knock Aaron Rodgers out for the season!  Just like the Packers did to Jim McMahon in the year after our Super Bowl season in 1986.  I hate to be that cold, however "revenge is a dish that is best served COLD......" 


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  • As much as we want to demolish the Packers, we certainly don't want to end their QB's season the way they ended McMahon's. That's not who I'd like us to be. People who plan to play dirty, be dirty and illegally cause harm to others, eventually fall into their own trap, possibly charting the course to their own demise.

    After serving a 2 game suspension for the illegal "body slam" (which also slammed the door on our second consecutive Super Bowl victory) Charles Martin spent another 2 or 3 unsuccessful seasons in the NFL with different teams, and died a premature death at age 45.

    Was this because of what Martin did to McMahon? Probably not directly, but one of us can say for certain one way or the other. But what most of us would say is that we don't want our team, or any of our players to be remembered for such a cowardly, illegal act. Neither would we want such a thing following them to their grave.

    The reality for me personally is, I want to beat the Packers everytime we play them, In fact, I want EVERYBODY to beat the Packers EVERYTIME they play them. I could not care less if the Packers never scored another point. But having said that, I don't want any Packer, or player from any other team to suffer a season, or career ending injury. However, I think I can live with a game ending injury when the Packers play us.

  • In reply to ChicaliK:

    You're right Chic. So far that Pack have been graceful, but let's see what goes on the clubhouse BB when week 3 comes around. You're also right to point out how Martin's cheap shot was probably the beginning of end of his NFL his career, and dogged him all the wat to his grave. On a more civil note, I believe we are better than GB this year, and will beat them out for the NFC North crown. However, time will tell.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • Love the enthusiasm! But that only gets you so far!!!! Let's see how the Bears do against the Saints, Packers, Lions and Buc's.

    Would have loved to see them get additional DB's and WR's in the offseason.

    Holding off on drinking the kool-aid till week 8. One win against a playoff team is nice, but I'm not putting them in the playoffs yet!

    One thing I've learned from living on the east coast (now 10 years), the Giants, Jets, Pat and Eagle fans and reporters; put a lot more pressure on their teams to improve! Love to see more of that in Chicago! Quite honestly, it's a joke we lost to the Packers last year!!!

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