Real "Player-Maker" Is What The Bears Still Need....

Though last nights game (as most agree) was meaningless, the Bears showed that they still are in need a sure "Play-Maker".   The Bears continued struggles in the red-zone was not the only proof, but Roy Williams drop in the first quarter was enough to prove the point I made a while back.  Yes, the Bears picked-up some good players (with Barber continuing to stomp out tough yardage like a Big Foot 4x4), but quite a few big plays that could have made a difference in the first half were left on the field.  The result was a 20-6 score at the half, that was your game.

The O-Line looked amazingly better in giving up no QB sacks (I guess the players listened when coach Tice made it plain "block or pack your bags").  Cutler looked very sharp, and made some good throws (as we've said, Cutler will be a great with more time to throw).  On the other hand, players have to catch the ball, and run their routes.  Hester's "trip" cost us an easy 6 points, and Williams dropped 16 yard pass negated a first down on an early drive that could yielded some positive results.  It's a shame that Plaxico Burress (whose was in prison for nearly 2 years) can pick-up where he left off, while Williams (whose been on the playing field) continues to drop passes.  It will be interesting to see how the other play-makers we passed up fair this season compared to Williams.

The defense really missed Lance Briggs.  The Gints were 4-6 in the red-zone, and we made David Carr look like the guy he was when drafted first overall player in 2002.  Believe it or not, our offense took the battle for time-of-possession 33 minutes to the Gints 27.  We just could not make plays when needed, plain and simple.

Williams will have 2 more exhibition games to redeem himself.  However let's be realistic, Williams has had 7 years......




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