Martz Still "Stuck" In The 20th Century....

During our usual daily discussion about the Bears, Bill pointed out that Martz offense does not allow the QB to audible.  At first I was stunned, then it hit me "this is why his system is not getting much traction in the post season"...  Yes, Martz system can run up some stats as it did in Detroit, SF, and here in Chicago, but in reality it does not win games.

The proof of this was the phantom "time-outs" last year that resulted in a new play sent in that looked much worst than the original played called.  As we saw on Monday night, David Carr looked like Johnny Unitas, and some those plays were on audibles.  Jim McMahon use to audible quite a bit, much to the disdain of Mike Ditka, but the play would work 9 times out of 10 (if it didn't, trust me, McMahon's career in Chicago would have ended long before it did).  I can remember when QB Bob Avellini made an audible of a Ditka play that resulted in a turnover.  Avellini was given the boot off the team the very next day.

By now it should be apparent that the league has in fact caught-up and passed Martz.  Last year Martz thought he bring Collins back from the dead, He was wrong.  This year He thinks he can resurrect Roy Williams career.  Roy still can't catch a cold let alone a first down.  The Greatest Show On Turf is now a thing of the past.  Besides, the Bears play on natural (beat-to-sh#@!) grass,  Cutler could be Warner if given more time to throw, Matt Forte is inching ever close to being another Marshall Faulk, but may price his way out of Chicago (maybe this why their working the hell out of Barber?).  As far as the Bears receivers compared to Bruce, Holt, and Proehl FORGET-IT...

Some of my greatest fears for this year are slowly becoming a reality.  We don't have a "true" #1 WR, we need help at the Safety position and LB on defense, and special teams appear to be slowly fading.  We can only hope that in the next two PS games some of these issues willbe fixed.  It's not impossible.  The O-Line looked like a lost cause in the 1st PS game, then looked 100% better against the Gints.  So this can get done.  The only problem is "MARTZ"...  Can he change???


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