Haugh Rips Martz, Asks About NFC Title Game Play-Calling

Tribune writer Dave Haugh put Martz on the hot-seat in his article this morning, and rightfully so (see article).

Just when I was looking (or wishfully thinking) for some bright-spot in Martz offensive masterplan, we see him behind the release of TE Greg Olsen (which was risky, but "could" have some benefit), then we we all jumped out of our seats when we heard that the Bears signed (1st round bust) WR Roy E. Williams who was cut from the Cowboys.  So where does that leave us? It leaves us right where we were last year when we were wondering why Martz opted to bring in journeymen Todd Collins as Cutler's back-up, in oppose to Marc Bulger (his discovery in St.L) who was available.

We are now (like last year), wondering why didn't Bears make a run for  Braylon Edwards, Malcom Floyd, or even Chad Johnson just to name a few.  There's a wealth of offensive talent out there, and (like last year) we're about to watch the parade go by...  Defensively we made what turned out to be the best free-agent signing of 2010 with Julius Peppers.  Apparently Lovie and DC Rod Marinelli got together and knew that we needed one-guy that would make the difference on defense, and that was Peppers.  Result, an All-Pro season for Peppers, and huge dividends paid-off in Chicago

Offensively, we picked-up  RB Chester Taylor (who was rarely used), then TE  Brandon Manumaleuna (who we just released).  Is any one in Halas Hall paying attention to the "wasted" money that Martz is literally throwing out the window.  Is Jerry Angelo so clue-less when it comes to finding offensive talent that he puts his future in the hands of a "glory-hounding" power-hungry offensive coordinator whose trying to prove to the world his brilliance with the next grocery clerk discovery.

As much as I hate to say, I'll say it anyway... Mike Martz is looking more and more like a "mad scientist" instead of an offensive coordinator.

What do you say Bear Fans???


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  • I would say that collective wisdom says B. Edwards is an ass clown, and led the league in drops in 2008, and just got into some other posse based fight in Miami.

    Floyd is being aggressively sought. Ocho is not a McCaskey kind of guy. We changed out Aroma and R. Davis for Roy Williams and Sam Hurd. We changed Manofmoolah who was a fat pig, for Spaeth, who can actually block. We changed out Kreutz for Spencer.

    We need a CB and instead we're going to get a guy to take Hillenmeyers spot at backup MLB in Tatufu.

    We are sitting way under the cap, the new CBA mandates we spend nearly all of it - so they are working Fortes contract and seeing what is left over.

    I think we should go get Leonard Davis at RG, but Tice loves Garza. I say we wait until Edwards is humbled some more, and then low bid him. We won't get Floyd.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Edwards got scooped-up by Cisco today on a 1 year deal worth $3.5 Mill. That leaves Floyd, Owens, and Mike Simms-Walker from the Jags. I'm still hoping for a Floyd signing here for the Bears, but I have to agree with you that it's less-than likely to happen. Owens may find himself following behind Moss with an early retirement.

  • Jericho Cotchery was released today from the Jets. He threatened to hold out because the Plax signing disrespected him, so Ryan disrespected him some more by cutting him outright.

    + 6 Pretzel M&Ms for Nepotism Footstool Boy.

    Cotchery has game left, he could be had for a song, and he wouldn't threaten BoyRoy's ego as the #1. He could fight Knox and Hurd for PT.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Wide Receiver just got even more crowded and complicated with the emergence of undrafted rookie Dane Sanzenbacher from Ohio State. Sanzenbacher hand-picked the Bears out of 25 other teams he could have went to, and has looked very sharp in practice. We may be in for a real roller-coaster ride with a little drama in Chicago at the wide-out spot. The Tribune is already writing about how Williams has "bumped" Knox out of the 1st team offense.

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